Project Description

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation

Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation is suitable for public health epidemic monitoring, automatic body temperature detection, mask wearing detection, and spray disinfection. This workstation will reduce the labor intensity of personnel, improve the safety for the personnel under high-frequency contacts, and effectively avoid the risk of cross infection in public areas and crowded places. Equipped with accessories such as casters and ramps, which is suitable for various application scenarios. It has strong mobility and simple deployment, it can work sustainably by just turn on and provides one-stop solutions including body temperature measurement, disinfection, status recognition(wearing face mask or not), commuting punch-in and data upload.


Non-Contact Fast Body Temperature Detection
It adopts high-precision industrial infrared spectrum sensor. It was factory calibrated by a blackbody radiation source and the body temperature data can be collected within 50cm. Meanwhile, it can monitor mask wearing. Whenever abnormality is detected, it will give a voice alert and automatically upload photos to the server.

360-Degree Body Disinfection
When measuring body temperature in intelligent detection area, the sterilizer with sensors can disinfect the hands simultaneously. After entering the 360-degree disinfection area, the three-dimensional nebulizing sterilizer and disinfecting carpet will automatically spray and disinfect user and luggage including the soles of shoes. The spray adopts food-grade disinfectant to ensure health and safety. The disinfection area is equipped with an air curtain system, which can effectively prevent the leakage of disinfection spray.

Work Attendance Check and Visitor Register in One Screen
It has multiple functions including work attendance check, data upload etc., which avoids the risk of cross infection caused by fingerprint punch-in. It also supports visitor register and allows entry of visitors with pre-appointment through WeChat official account.

Plug and Go, Convenient Deployment
Modular design, which is convenient for transportation and assembly. Mountable universal wheels make it easy to move. Foldable slope facilitates wheelchair access. With its 220V AC power and LED lighting, it adapts to different environment.


Intelligent Anti-Epidemic Monitoring Workstation can be used for government agencies, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, communities, office buildings, railway stations, airports, factories and other public areas and crowded places.

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