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How to Choose BGA Repair Equipment?

When it comes to BGA rework station, beginners who are new to BGA rework station will have a lot of doubts. A BGA rework station needs to have the advantages of being practical and cost-effective, and you need to know a lot of knowledge to buy a BGA rework station. If you only talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the three-temperature zone and the two-temperature zone, you also need to know a lot about the BGA rework station. So how should a novice choose a BGA rework station? In fact, as long as the following points are done well.

1. Determine the chip size of the BGA rework station you need

For a BGA rework station that suits us, the issue we need to pay attention to is the size of the BGA chip, which determines the size of the nozzle for the BGA rework station. At this time, we need to choose the appropriate machine size. In addition, we also need to pay attention to the PCB size of the reworked product, because the area of the BGA rework station we need to choose is larger than the PCB size. If the size of the console is small, the PCB board will not be able to preheat well in advance, resulting in problems such as deformation, blistering, and yellowing.

2. Define your needs for BGA rework stations

We need to determine our own price range for BGA rework station, a reasonable price, so that we can better choose BGA rework stations; secondly, we need to consider a brand's pre-sales service, in-sale service, and after-sales service; choose rework BGA rework station with high yield rate and easy operation.

3. The temperature difference is a problem we need to pay attention to when purchasing a BGA rework station

The Seamark BGA rework station with small temperature difference is the BGA rework station. This is the experience of the personnel. A rework station with a small temperature difference means that the success rate of the rework will be high, and temperature and accuracy are the core content of the BGA rework station machine, and the difference between the second temperature zone and the three temperature zone on the market currently lies in the heating temperature zone at the bottom. For lead-free products, higher temperature is better, but the heating window will be narrowed, at this time the heating zone at the bottom comes in handy. The bottom heating zone can easily achieve the purpose of disassembly.

4. Quality of BGA rework station

Quality issues are also issues that we need to pay attention to. Whether the workmanship or temperature accuracy of the equipment has reached the industry standard, and whether the control of the standard is accurate, we need to compare these in order to better choose BGA rework equipment.

5. Stable accuracy and temperature of BGA rework station

The stability of BGA rework station temperature and accuracy is also an advantage. In addition to automatically identifying the suction and placement height, it also has functions such as automatic welding and automatic desoldering. At the same time, the integrated design of the heating device and the placement head is also one of the highlights of the equipment. The BGA rework station needs to have many functions. In terms of precision temperature alone, the equipment needs to have precise precision. Seamark can provide the best BGA rework station and reasonable BGA rework station price.

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