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On the morning of January 5, 2024, the management reform launch meeting of SEAMARK in 2024 was successfully held in the third-floor conference room of the company's headquarters in Shenzhen. The company's founder and general manager, Wen Quan, along with the company's executives, department heads, key personnel, and consulting teachers, a total of more than 30 people, attended the launch ceremony.


Speech by General Manager Wen


At the beginning of the meeting, General Manager Wen delivered a passionate speech. SEAMARK has been established for 19 years, focusing on practicality and deep cultivation, and has embarked on a sustainable development path with distinctive features of SEAMARK. Currently, the global economy has reached a turning point, and the economic situation is becoming increasingly severe, with intense industry competition. Organizational transformation and the improvement of management systems have become important cornerstones for SEAMARK's survival and development. Although the process of transformation is tough, SEAMARK's determination for change is rock solid. We hope that all management cadres can change their thinking, embrace change, continue to learn, and innovate in the pursuit of excellence, never stop along the path.

Professional interpretation by consulting teachers


Next, consulting teacher Xue introduced the background and significance of the project to everyone. Based on the current development status and research analysis of the company, the focus of 2024 will be to solidify the cultural system, strategic management system, marketing system, and human resources system, aiming to shape a deeply rooted culture, through full motivation of key talents and the creation of a vibrant organization team, to lead everyone to go all out to achieve strategic goals. Xue's concise explanations depicted the blueprint and mission of the transformation, and everyone listened attentively, excited and delighted.

Enthusiastic interaction


During the meeting, everyone spoke freely and expressed their own views and doubts based on the company's current situation. Teacher Xue gave brilliant interpretations of the questions raised by everyone, such as "how to integrate theory with SEAMARK's actual situation, how to control strategic risks, and the intrinsic connection between vision, mission, and values". General Manager Wen's comments were the icing on the cake for this project launch. General Manager Wen emphasized, "The consultant teacher provides scientific theories and methods, but whether the project can be successful depends not on the consultant teacher, but on each of us here in the management cadres. Whether everyone has an open-minded attitude, whether everyone can apply what they learn, whether everyone dares to break the routine and break free from the shackles of existing thinking, and whether everyone is willing to execute powerfully are the keys to the project's success."

Though the road is long, we will eventually reach the destination; though the task is challenging, we will succeed if we do it. Management reform is a systematic project, not something that can be accomplished by a department or an individual's efforts in a short period of time. It is a long and difficult process that requires the full commitment of everyone, the establishment of firm confidence, and continuous efforts in the same direction in order to enhance the company's management capabilities. SEAMARK has already stood on a new starting line, the starting gun has been fired, let's run towards the end of victory,  SEAMARK people!


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