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X-Ray Inspection Equipment Technology is Applicable to a Variety of Automotive Parts and Materials

X-ray inspection equipment uses a cathode ray tube to generate high-energy electrons to impact a metal target. During the impact, the kinetic energy lost due to the sudden deceleration of the electrons is released in the form of an X-Ray, which has a very short wavelength but high electromagnetic radiation lines. For the location where the sample cannot be detected by appearance, the contrast effect produced by the change in light intensity after the X-Ray penetrates different density materials can form an image that can show the internal structure of the object to be tested. Thus, the x-ray inspection equipment can observe the problematic area inside the object to be tested without destroying the object to be tested.

1. X-ray inspection equipment is good at imaging

The X-Ray Machine for Electronics is suitable for a variety of automotive parts and materials, but internal defects in the automotive parts and materials can also be found. It has a good imaging effect and can detect the casting and welding parts of the automotive chassis system. For example cylinder heads, wheels, crankshafts, transmission shafts, camshafts, various bearing bushings, suspension system parts, steering system brackets, transmission housing, shaft and gear parts welding, pipe and shaft parts welding. It can be used to detect automotive tire cords, achieve reliable automotive tire welding, electronic equipment connecting computer and connection lines and metal overdose detection.

Industrial x-ray inspection equipment has long been used in the manufacture of various types of automotive parts. However, in fact, x-ray inspection equipment can also be used in the inspection and maintenance of the car.  After driving for a period of time, different parts of the car will have the corresponding wear and tear so there is s need for regular testing, repair and replacement. Therefore, non-destructive testing technology is also very suitable for automotive inspection and maintenance.

2. X-ray inspection machine to improve the efficiency of automotive fault detection and repair quality

Modern cars continue to apply a large number of new technologies, complex structures, resulting in failure to accurately determine the cause and the location timely. Then non-destructive testing technology can play its role. Non-destructive testing technology means a variety of means, including automatic x-ray inspection, ultrasonic testing, industrial endoscopy, etc. It can be used to detect a variety of metal, non-metallic materials, mechanical components, electrical components, circuit boards and the technical state. It can provide technical support for the scientific and accurate determination of the fault site, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of automotive fault detection and maintenance quality. Zhuomao is a reputable X-Ray Inspection Machine Manufacturer that you can trust.

At present, automatic x-ray inspection, ultrasonic inspection, industrial endoscopy are the current automotive repair field commonly used in the three major non-destructive testing technology. The scope of application, advantages and disadvantages of various detection technologies are different. Therefore, while taking into account the safety and convenience of personnel use, we need to analyze the performance indicators of the above-mentioned non-destructive testing technologies, determine the appropriate technology and testing instruments suitable for application in automotive fault detection, and regularly use a combination of technologies according to the features of the structural materials of automotive parts and components.

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