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How to Properly Maintain an X-ray Reel Counter?

X-ray reel counter, fast counting of product quantity

For many electronic component manufacturers or outsourcing manufacturers, some scattered electronic components are like a disaster, especially during mid-year/end-of-year inventory, which seriously affects the efficiency of inventory personnel and the operating costs of the company.

The operator can directly put the incoming materials into the cabin of the x-ray reel counter, quickly check the product quantity in about 10 seconds, and there is no need for professional technicians to operate, which is extremely convenient.

It can not only quickly count the quantity, but also connect with the company's ERP system management. Each department only needs to open the ERP to quickly understand the current remaining amount of the goods.

Therefore, people will say that the use of traditional material counting machines can also check incoming materials. The traditional material counting machine uses A material disk to pull B material disk, and then the material counting machine counts. Traditional material machines are not accurate enough and the inspection speed is slow. Compared with traditional material machines, x-ray counting machine are based on X-RAY technology combined with machine vision image technology and automatic control, realizing intelligent storage connection, automatic identification, automatic feeding and automatic labeling, improving the management accuracy and efficiency of production departments, and greatly saving labor costs.

Maintenance of x-ray reel counter

With the widespread application of x ray counter, more and more customers will purchase and use them. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, increase the service life of the equipment on the production line, reduce the probability of failure, and improve efficiency, the maintenance of x-ray reel counters is also highly valued. Today, we have sorted out some basic maintenance knowledge, hoping to help you better manage and maintain x-ray reel counters.

  • Pay attention to the daily work of x-ray reel counter, especially the periphery and worktable of the material counting machine. They should be clean and free of oil stains, dust and other impurities. If there are oil stains, they should be wiped in time.

  • In the production process of x-ray reel counter, pay attention to whether the working voltage of the machine is stable. If the working voltage is abnormal during the production process of the material counting machine, please turn off the main power supply for inspection and troubleshooting.

  • The lubrication points of the x-ray reel counter must be oiled according to the regulations on the top of the instruction manual. Pay attention to the oil level in the oil pot and clean it once every three months to ensure smooth oil passage.

  • The casters under the operating table of x-ray reel counter should be checked and replaced regularly.

  • During use, the components of x-ray reel counters should not be disassembled at will. If you need to repair and replace a certain part, you should ensure that the part is not damaged before repairing and replacing it.

  • The installation and commissioning of x-ray reel counters on the production line should be carried out under the guidance of professional technicians, and the corresponding operating specifications should be followed during use.

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