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Introduction of the Basic Principles of X Ray Counter Machine

The counter machine, also known as the parts counter, adopts the photoelectric sensor principle, and uses the corresponding relationship between the part carrier tape guide hole and the part to accurately determine the number of SMD parts, which can realize convenient and fast counting, especially for the delivery of materials in the outbound processing. It helps a lot. With the development of China's electronics manufacturing industry, it has gradually become a major country in the world's electronics manufacturing field. However, under the new situation, the rapid development of electronic manufacturing technology and the pressure of overall operating costs have made the traditional manufacturing mode face severe challenges. Manufacturers have to start to improve production automation to adapt to the development trend of the industry. Intelligent X-ray counter machines have received more and more attention and applications in related fields.

Ⅰ. The structure and working principles of the X ray counter machine

The structure of the X ray counter machine includes cabinets, lead shielding rooms, controllers, rectangular boxes, lifting devices, X ray sources and other devices. In the SMT patch processing industry, the X ray counter machine is based on X ray rays, flat-panel imagers, and through the recognition method of image processing software, by counting the number of graphics representing the original, and then quickly counting the reel materials. It is an important machine to realize SMT patch processing automation.

Ⅱ. Application of X ray counter machine

The traditional counting method has the limitations of long counting time and poor counting accuracy. Compared with the traditional method, the new intelligent X ray parts counter does not require professional operation, which can greatly improve the material storage problems such as lack of material, material loss, material leakage, and material shortage, which saves manpower to a large extent and improves Improve production efficiency and reduce material inventory costs, thereby promoting the development of the electronics manufacturing industry towards automation, intelligence, and efficiency.

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