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How Does X-ray Detect Soldering of SMT Components?

With the conversion of mobile phones to the intelligent era, SMT electronic components are also integrated and gradually miniaturized, the layout of PCBA components is getting closer and closer, and each component cannot yet identify the polarity of the components on the PCB board, and in the case of the polarity identification process Using a large number of new components, there are dilemmas and problem points in the polarity of SMT components, and a method for component polarity identification is summarized.

Part polarity refers to the orientation of the component or the position of the first pin of the component, and having a polarity means that when the part is placed on the PCB, the part needs to be mounted in a certain orientation, ensuring that the positive and negative electrodes of the component and the PCB or element. The actual lines of the board are consistent. If it is not oriented correctly, it will cause the circuit to fail, shorting out the body of the component and making the circuit not work properly.

1. X-ray inspection equipment for welding inspection of SMT components

Electronic x-ray machine SMT component inspection mainly includes performance and appearance quality, these two factors directly affect the reliability of surface mount components. Solderability of component pins (electrode terminals) is a major factor affecting the reliability of SMA soldering. The main cause of solderability problems is oxidation of component leads. Since oxidation is prone to occur, in order to ensure the reliability of welding, on the one hand, measures must be taken to prevent the components from being exposed to the air for a long time before welding, and to avoid long-term storage, etc. On the other hand, they must be solderable before soldering, and the most primitive method of solderability testing is visual evaluation.

The basic test procedure for an electronic x-ray machine is: immerse the sample in flux, remove and remove excess flux, and then immerse it in a bath of molten solder. When the immersion time reaches twice the actual production welding time, it is removed for visual evaluation. This kind of test experiment is usually carried out with an immersion tester, which can accurately control the immersion depth, speed and immersion dwell time of the sample as specified.

2. X-ray inspection equipment detects defects in components

There are many ways to detect defects in component pins. The most common method is to use x-ray inspection machines. High-precision X-ray inspection equipment can clearly see various conditions of component welding. Microfocus X-ray can be used to detect component welding, detect component voids, detect component virtual welding, and detect component bridges and other defects.

At present, companies like Seamark that use high-precision placement systems generally purchase x-ray inspection equipment to quickly and easily detect qualified components and remove those that do not meet the requirements.

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