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X-ray Inspection Equipment Boosts the Development of the Automotive Industry

Nowadays, the automotive industry is developing towards intelligence and electrification. With the maturity of car networking technology, smart cars, autonomous driving, and new energy vehicles have become hot concepts, and the automotive industry has ushered in an electronic wave. The development speed and market size of automotive electronics are unique.

Application of X-ray inspection equipment in cars

As an indispensable part of car components, automotive electronics will also usher in new growth opportunities. At the same time, because automotive electronic components operate for a long time in environments with large temperature differences and vibrations, which are related to people's safety, higher reliability requirements will inevitably be placed on automotive electronic manufacturing. Traditional methods cannot detect internal defects in automotive electronics components such as wire harnesses, electronic connectors, and instrument panel circuit boards. This is where the importance of X-ray inspection equipment comes in. Chinese car companies such as BYD, Geely, and Chery have introduced X-ray testing equipment as a control measure for product quality.

X-ray inspection equipment passes X-rays through the test samples

An X-ray image is mapped on the image detector. The image quality is mainly determined by the resolution and contrast. Generally, the performance of the X-ray tube in X-ray inspection equipment plays a very important role. X-ray detection equipment uses the X-ray transmission imaging principle, and uses the difference in the ability of different materials to absorb and attenuate X-rays to produce lumen density. X-rays basically propagate in a straight line inside the sample, so it has the advantage of accurate imaging, and brings new changes to the testing methods of automotive electronics manufacturing. X-ray detection method is currently the best choice for manufacturers who want to further improve production processes, improve production quality, and timely detect joint failures.

X-ray inspection machines are widely used in SMT, semiconductor packaging, electronic components, LED, photovoltaic and other industries for high-precision testing. It mainly detects defects in electronic devices, such as welding voids, bridging, open circuits, short circuits, solder coverage, through-hole soldering heights, soldering wire sagging, broken wires, and insufficient wires, as well as online automatic feeding, etc.

The equipment has the following features: 

Easy operation, easy to learn; high system resolution, clear and undistorted images; precise mechanical structure design, high repeatable accuracy testing; CNC programming to help quickly identify positioning; AI deep learning algorithms to automatically determine defects; easy to optimize and upgrade production lines; reduce misjudgments; can be connected to industrial cloud platforms for digital and intelligent management.

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