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Microfocus X-Ray Inspection Machine

Microfocus X-ray inspection is widely used in the LED/automobile/aerospace/EMS ETC field and become a necessity for modern PCBA inspection. As a professional X-ray inspection machine manufacturer, Seamark Zhuomao provides SMT BGA X-Ray inspection machines that have the characteristics of high performance, cost-effectiveness, long lifespan, user-friendly software, simple maintenance, high definition inspection image with special tilt make our X-Ray AOI inspection equipment system can meet different category products inspection needs.

Besides standard X-Ray PCB inspection machines, Seamark ZM also provides and customized solutions to meet your special inspection requirements. As a professional BGA X-Ray inspection machine manufacturer in China, we have the valued BGA inspection system and various AXI X-ray inspection machines for sale. And our price of an X-Ray PCB inspection machine is fairly reasonable. Welcome to order. 

Types of Microfocus X-Ray Inspection Machine For Sale

Offline X-Ray Inspection Machine
Offline X-Ray Inspection Machine
Seamark's 2D X-ray inspection machine adopts a closed microfocus X-ray tube with voltage 90KV, 110KV,130KV, which meet different product inspection technical requirements.
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Online X-Ray Inspection Machine
Online X-Ray Inspection Machine
In the inspection process of electronic components, the inspection products can be directly connected to the SMT production line for high-capacity automatic online full inspection, it can be used offl...
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FAQs of Microfocus X-Ray Inspection Machine

What is AXI machine?

Automatic X-ray inspection (Axi) is a technology similar to the principle of automatic optical inspection (AOI). Electronics AXI X-ray Machine uses X-rays as a light source to automatically check the features of objects, which are usually hidden in the view. The X-ray Inspection Equipment usually can be used to check the PCB board.

What type of products you have?

As a famous X-ray Inspection Machine Manufacturer in China, Seamark ZM provides 4 categories of products and services, including the BGA Repair Station, 2.5D and 3D X-Ray inspection machine, inline and offline X-Ray reel counter/X Ray Inspection System, and smart storage system.

Could I send you samples to test your machine

Yes, welcome to send us samples to test. Few batches of sample repairing and testing are free of charge. Contact us now.

What certificate you have for X-ray machine? Is it safe to operate?

We have CE and FDA. Our X-ray machine radiation leakage is less than 1μSv/h when it works, meet the international safety standard. Please feel confident when you use our PCB X-ray Machine.

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