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X-ray Inspection Provides New Solutions for Semiconductor Field

1. X-ray inspection machines provide new solutions for the semiconductor field

Quality inspection methods selected during semiconductor assembly and the packaging typically include visual inspection, flying needle testing, bed of needles testing, automated optical testing, and functional testing. However, with the continuous development of packaging technology, traditional testing methods have long been unable to meet the testing requirements of various advanced packaging equipment. Taking semiconductor chip packaging as an example, the types of CSPs are increasing, including flexible packages, rigid substrates, lead frames, grid leads, and fine-tuning CSPs. Different CSP structures are also different, but they are basically based on two technologies, Flip Chip Bonding (FCB) and Ball Grid Array (BGA).

There are three electrical connection methods for flip-chip bonding technology. Solder ball bumping, thermocompression bonding and conductive adhesives. Regardless of the method used, uneven connections are not visible during the wrapping process. In addition, during the packaging process, it is easy to expose to the air for a long time to cause oxidation, and all the connection points can be cracked, no connection, no connection, solder joint void, wire and wire excess pressure welding defect connection solder joints. Mold and connection interface defects, etc. Further, during packaging, silicon wafers can also cause microcracks caused by pressure, and glue can also cause air bubbles through conductive adhesives. These problems will adversely affect the quality of integrated circuits. The advent of automated x-ray inspection technology provides new solutions for the semiconductor field.

2. X-ray inspection machines provide a more effective troubleshooting method for the semiconductor field

Often, if these surface defects are not visible, they cannot be distinguished by traditional inspection techniques. Traditional electrical functional testing requires a clear understanding of the function of the test target and requires a very professional test technician. In addition, electrical functional testing equipment is complex to test. The cost and effectiveness of the test depend on the technical strength of the tester, which brings new difficulties to the packaging and testing of integrated circuits.

Therefore, in order to effectively solve the problem of internal defect detection in the process of 2D and 3D packaging, the automatic x-ray inspection technology is used to have more advantages compared with the above-mentioned testing methods. In order to improve the "one pass rate" and achieve the overall goal of "zero defects", x-ray inspection provides a more efficient method of troubleshooting.

The x-ray inspection equipment is a professional intelligent inspection equipment for semiconductor packaging and testing. The x-ray real-time imaging device can well meet the requirements of semiconductor testing. The x-ray inspection machine is a new type of online x-ray inspection system with a high inspection area, high resolution and high magnification. The system has good inspection results in closed-ray sources and flat panel detectors, and can effectively inspect packages, solder joints, and plug-ins.

As a member of "China Manufacturing", SEAMARK, one of the leading industrial x-ray machine manufacturers, will work together to create a future entrepreneurial spirit and contribute to the semiconductor industry. The development of science and technology is an opportunity for China, and it is also expected to be proud of "China's X-ray" for the future world semiconductor industry. Click here for x-ray inspection system price.

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