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What Are the Advantages of In-line X-ray Dispense Machines?

In recent years, the overall pressure of the industrial economy has been increasing, the production, logistics and labor costs of various industries have been growing rapidly, resulting in the more cost of enterprises. Every mid-year and year-end inventory always need a lot of manual to check the spares and stores, which put lots of pressure on the enterprise. In the face of this market demand, the X-ray counter machine of Seamark ZM Technology, can not only reduce the cost of enterprises, but also enbale more intelligent productions. Next, let's look at the advantages of online X-ray counter machine by Seamark ZM Technology.

(1) X-ray counter machine has its ray source using the United States VJ closed X-ray tube with long service life and maintenance-free adavantage.

(2) It adopts 15-inch ultra-clear flat detector with fast imaging and no distortion.

(3) It can calculate four 7-inch material tray or a 13-15-inch material tray simultaneously.

(4) Users can use it directly with no need to spend 3-5 days to log data on the material tray in the plant.

(5) Algorithm and database is permanent free to be updated and supported.

(6) The inventory time can be significantly reduced and the personnel can be saved to assist other personnel to collect or change the line, shortening the line change downtime.

(7) You can print bar codes, stickers or directly upload the database with the X-ray counter machine using digital data. The traditional way of counting instruments requires each operator to have a machine, which takes up a lot of space. The counting results are filed manually, which may be written wrong or omitted.

(8) X-ray material counter machine can sovle the problem of material lack, material loss and missing to a great extent. It can improve digital management of material storage, reduce material inventory costs, and enhance the accuracy of material inventory.

(9) It meets the trend of Industry 4.0 and the SMT production line featuring wisdom, automation and efficiency.

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