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X Ray Counter Machine Makes Electronic Component Management Easier

China is a major consumer of electronic products and a major electronic manufacturing country in the world. We believe that many electronic component companies now need to carry out component inventory. Electronic components are small and numerous, and the inventory is really time-consuming and laborious, which seriously affects the work efficiency of the enterprise. The emergence of the X ray counter machine has liberated enterprises, and the use of the X ray counter machine to make inventory increases efficiency and quality. What principle does the X ray counter machine use to count the densely packed electronic components?

The X ray counter machine is also called automatic counter machine. It adopts the photoelectric sensor principle and uses the corresponding relationship between the part carrier tape guide hole and the part to accurately measure the number of SMD parts, which can realize convenient and fast counting. Calculate the number of parts in a fully automatic way, which is convenient for counting, issuing, picking and inventory counting, with low operating noise.

Ⅰ. Processing of electronic components of X ray counter machine

The working process of the X ray component counter, after scanning the QR code of the incoming material, put it into the counting tray, and then put it into the lead compartment, and use the X ray imaging technology to accurately count the number of materials on the discharge tray. The popularity of the placement machine has greatly reduced the unfavorable factors caused by random inspection and full inspection, and greatly improved the incoming technology in terms of efficiency. At the end of the year, the X-ray counter machine can also be used for year-end inventory, which saves time, effort, efficiency and convenience.

With the continuous increase of labor costs, manufacturing companies hope to minimize the number of inspectors without affecting production capacity, and the production line will develop in the direction of unmanned driving as soon as possible. The evaluation, procurement and introduction of intelligent X ray inspection equipment and X ray counter machines are becoming more and more concerned by SMT factory procurement engineering decision managers!

Ⅱ. The development of X ray counter machine in electronic components

The intelligent X ray counter machine can be used to quickly count the reels of SMD electronic components used in the production of SMT electronics industry. Compared with the traditional counter machine, this equipment does not need to unpack the reel. Counting can avoid damage to the incoming materials, and at the same time meet the count requirements for various tray sizes and material types. It only takes 9-12 seconds or more to complete the count. It can be said that it has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision (>99.9%), one-button convenient operation, no complicated operation, and is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading machine to fully realize automatic detection technology.

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