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Select High-quality X-ray Inspection Equipment to Ensure the Safety

X-ray inspection equipment has been increasingly popular in industrial applications in recent years. X-ray inspection equipment uses X-ray to inspect items in a certain way.

In large factories where X-ray inspection equipment is commonly used for testing, operators of X-ray inspection equipment are unavoidably concerned about radiation, especially for electronic parts, lithium batteries, and other interior non-destructive testing for products. The X-ray tube is the most significant component of X-ray inspection equipment. The X-rays would not be seen without the X-ray tube. What is an X-ray tube? An X-ray tube is similar to a lamp. Only when the power is turned on and a high voltage is generated by manipulator operation do X-ray tubes emit radiation. It means that when the X-ray detector is not turned on, no radiation is produced, no electrons are formed, and it does not touch the anode wire and generate radiation. As a result, there's no need to be concerned about radiation risks from X-ray inspection equipment when it's not in use.

1. Operation of X-ray inspection equipment

X-ray inspection equipment is an optical inspection apparatus that employs X-rays to penetrate and analyze the interior of a sample while in operation. Because the X-ray inspection equipment is made of lead steel plates, which cannot be pierced by X-rays, there is no need to be concerned about radiation when using it. However, it is vital to be conscious of the fact that the X-ray detector is not leaking in the interim. As a result, the X-ray detector should be checked on a regular basis to verify that it is not leaking.

2. The safety of the X-ray inspection equipment

In general, the safety of X-ray inspection equipment stems mostly from the use of time, equipment shielding, and the usage of distance. Use time refers to the length of time for operating and using the flaw detector. By controlling the necessary use time, some unnecessary use time can be reduced. Field work will be unable to be completed if the user exceeds the time limit and set value. When utilizing the flaw detector, the distance of use refers to the safe distance to keep from the apparatus. The employment of lead plats and other things to shield the rays is known as equipment shielding.

The choice of a reputable X-ray inspection equipment manufacturer is also critical for quality assurance. In general, suppliers with better functionality may sell at slightly higher prices than their market competitors, but they are more stringent in terms of safety and quality control. To sum up, in order to be safe, we must first have a correct understanding of radiation, secondly, select high-quality equipment, and finally operate according to specifications. The current X-ray inspection technology is relatively mature, and it is based on the correct usage of businesses, so there is no need for excessive fear. Our X-ray inspection equipment production and sales have been very consistent and we are highly praised by other companies.

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