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Introduction of Ball Planting Method in BGA Rework System

1. BGA rework system template ball planting method

Place the BGA device printed with flux or solder paste on the workbench, with the flux or solder paste facing up. Prepare a template that matches the BGA pad. The opening size of the template should be 0.05 to 0.1mm larger than the diameter of the solder ball. Use pads around the template to place it on top of the BGA rework system device that has printed flux or solder paste. The distance between the stencil and the BGA is equal to or slightly smaller than the diameter of the solder balls, aligned under the microscope. Sprinkle the solder balls evenly on the template, and remove the excess solder balls with tweezers, so that there is exactly one solder ball in each leak hole on the surface of the template. Remove template, check and fill.

2. BGA rework system ball planter method

Choose a BGA ball planting mold corresponding to the BGA pad. The mold opening size should be 0.05-0.1mm larger than the solder ball diameter. Spread the solder balls evenly on the template, and shake the ball planter to ensure that there is a tin in the mold leak hole. ball. Then suck the BGA device with the flux printed on the suction nozzle, and stick the solder ball to the corresponding pad of the BGA device with the help of the viscosity of the flux or solder paste. Clamp the outer frame of the BGA device with tweezers, turn off the vacuum pump, place the solder balls of the BGA device on the workbench, check whether there are missing solder balls, and fill them up with tweezers if any.

3. The bga rework system brushes the appropriate amount of solder paste and ball planting method

The ball-planting method of brushing an appropriate amount of solder paste needs to increase the thickness of the template when processing the template, and slightly enlarge the opening size of the template, and print the solder paste directly on the pad of the BGA. Solder balls are formed after flow soldering due to surface tension. Therefore, it must be ensured that the solder paste should be brushed just right when the bga rework system is ball planted, otherwise the ball planting will fail.

4. BGA rework system manual placement and ball planting method

The manual placement and ball planting method is to place the BGA rework station device with flux or solder paste printed on the workbench by hand alone, with the flux or solder paste facing upward. Just like a patch, use tweezers or a suction pen to place the solder balls one by one. This method is only suitable for individual industrial and commercial households or some small companies. This method has relatively high requirements for rework personnel and takes a long time, and the yield rate of ball planting rework is low.

The above is the introduction of the ball planting method of the bga rework system. It introduces the operation method steps and 4 planting methods. You can choose the method that suits you to plant the ball. However, it is recommended that you still use the BGA rework system + BGA ball planting machine to plant balls, the ball planting yield is higher and faster.

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