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Why Use BGA Rework Station to Weld CPU?

The CPU is called the central processing unit, which is mainly responsible for processing and computing all the data inside the computer. It is the main core component of the computer and occupies a very important position in the computer. Once the CPU has a problem, it will bring a series of serious consequences. In order to reduce the impact of the CPU failure as much as possible, it is necessary to troubleshoot and repair the CPU in time. Except for some common CPU faults that can be eliminated by reducing the CPU operating frequency and restarting the computer, most of the remaining CPU fault repairs require the use of BGA rework stations for welding. So what exactly is a BGA rework station? Why use BGA rework station to weld CPU?

Ⅰ. Reasons for using BGA rework station to weld CPU

The automatic BGA rework station refers to a pin packaging method for large components, which is similar to the four-sided pins of QFP, and is connected to the circuit board by SMT solder paste soldering. As the name suggests, the BGA rework station machine is a kind of equipment used to rework BGA. More accurately, the BGA rework station is a device for reheating and soldering the BGA with poor soldering.

Ⅱ. Using the BGA rework station to repair the CPU mainly includes three steps

1. Desoldering

First, use the BGA rework station to remove the BGA in the faulty CPU, fix the pcb motherboard on the BGA rework station, position the laser red dot at the center of the BGA chip, shake off the placement head, determine the placement height, and fix the PCB motherboard and The BGA is preheated, and after the moisture is removed, a nozzle corresponding to the size of the BGA is replaced. Then set the temperature curve for removing the soldering CPU, start the BGA rework station and the heating head of the machine will automatically heat the BGA. When the temperature curve is finished, the nozzle of the equipment will automatically pick up the BGA and place it in the waste box.

2. Mounting

After completing the above steps, the pads need to be cleaned. After cleaning, fix the PCB motherboard with a new BGA or a BGA that has been ball-planted. Place the BGA to be soldered roughly at the position of the pad. Switch to the placement mode, the placement head will automatically move down, and the suction nozzle will pick up the BGA chip to the initial position.

3. Soldering

After mounting, the BGA rework station provided by BGA rework station suppliers will automatically complete the alignment according to the location of the new BGA, and then automatically place the new CPU, heat and cool the BGA on the CPU, and achieve the effect of repairing the CPU. From the specific operation of using BGA rework station to repair the CPU, soldering with BGA rework station can save a lot of manpower and material resources while ensuring soldering accuracy. Its extremely high automation, digitization and intelligence will undoubtedly greatly improve Improve the efficiency of CPU repair.

Although there are many BGA rework stations at present, not all BGA rework stations can quickly repair the CPU. Only the BGA rework station with high precision, accuracy and simple operation can easily win the CPU repair. At this time, a new question is coming again, how do you find the good one in the vast sea of BGA rework stations? Seamark is the best choice for you. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us!

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