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X-Ray Inspection Equipment Ensures Semiconductor Quality

With the upgrade of the manufacturing process, the line width of the semiconductor circuit becomes thinner and thinner. Currently, the most advanced is 7 nanometers (a nanometer is one billionth of a meter), and the official production of 5nm process chips is also on the agenda. The finer the semiconductor circuit, the better the performance and the lower the power consumption, but it will be very difficult to produce at the same time. If there are minor defects, the semiconductor circuit cannot be formed normally.

As semiconductor manufacturing processes have improved, it has become more difficult to detect semiconductor defects. Micron-scale electronic semiconductors typically use x-ray inspection equipment to find defect locations from inspection images. However, as electronic components are getting smaller and smaller, the demands on the resolution and magnification of X-ray inspection equipment are high. At present, the detection principle of the most accurate semiconductor CT inspection equipment is the same as that of the X-ray equipment, but the detection accuracy of the CT equipment will be higher. Hundreds of thousands of 2D digital imaging projections are reconstructed into 3D volume images through specific algorithms, allowing users to observe and cut the 3D volume at any angle.

1. X-ray inspection equipment is mainly used to detect welding problems at semiconductor wiring

Soldering is prone to defects such as false soldering and missing soldering. Once these defects are formed, semiconductors are prone to short circuits and other problems. For normal use of semiconductor components, X-ray defect detection must be used after soldering is completed. With the development of semiconductor production technology, x-ray inspection equipment is also constantly developed and upgraded, and is committed to providing high-quality inspection equipment for electronic manufacturers.

Nanochip inspection cannot currently meet the inspection requirements of X-ray inspection equipment, but with the development of science and technology, various defect detection methods will inevitably appear to better serve products and enterprises.

2. X-ray inspection equipment is based on high-resolution imaging technology

The high-resolution imaging technology of x-ray inspection machine at large working distances can perform non-destructive high-resolution 3D imaging of larger and denser samples, including parts and equipment. In addition, an optional flat panel detector can quickly scan large volumes of samples macroscopically, providing positioning navigation to scan regions of interest inside the sample.

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