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EMS Component Smart Storage

Besides accurate Inventory, the SMD components storage for SMT production is crucial too. Build up a smart storage system that can support your assembly line significantly.

Seamark ZM has different smart storage equipment to provide a total automated X-Ray SMD component counter and storage solution for small to large-size companies to meet different storage needs.

Intelligent material rack optimizes the material preparation process through data docking with the storage system. From manual visual picking to electronic label light guided picking. It can implement multi-work orders at the same time.  

Our intelligent material tower can be used to store 7 inch, 13 inch and 15-inch reels. It mainly is used for production line material preparation. It can be integrated with the Seamark system and the storage location can be optimized in advance according to the work orders, to help your SMT line changeover quickly and smoothly.

Storage warehouse is suitable for large-sized warehouse, it can automatically store and deliver the SMD materials. Fool-proof and error-proof function, FIFO short your searching time.

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EMS Component Smart Storage

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