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SMD Components Counting

Accurate inventory management is critical for EMS companies. Too little inventory means line-down; too much inventory means excess stock on shelf.

Seamark's X-ray component counter, can help you manage your inventory quickly and accurately, reducing line-down situations, and minimizing manpower costs.


The solution developed by Seamark is powered by an X-ray source and AI algorithms, which counts 1 reel for approximately 7-15 seconds. The efficiency equals around 5-6 workers.


The machine is suitable for all types of chip components, such as resistors, capacitors, crystals, LED, diodes, transistors, and other multi-pin IC, etc. In addition our system can count unknown components automatically with an intelligent self-study function. If your components are packed with the moisture barrier, our machine can count directly without opening the package.


Contact us now to check more details on how we can count your products accurately and quickly.

SMD Components Counting

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