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Converging Hearts, Unyielding Endeavors: SEAMARK's 2023 Team Building Travel Activity

To enhance the team building and cohesion of SEAMARK, strengthen collaboration and communication among departments, and inspire employees' enthusiasm and motivation. With the strong support of the company's leadership, from September 16th to 17th, 2023, the company successfully organized and carried out the 2023 corporate tour team building activity, which took place in Huizhou Xunliao Bay- Shuangyue Bay- Delta Island. All employees were excitedly set off from SEAMARK's headquarters in Shenzhen and embarked on the long-awaited journey.

With the winds and the waves, the youth never stops

In the golden autumn of September, with a mild breeze. With the command of "departure", the island tour officially began. Along the way, we first arrived at Xunliao Bay's Maritime Sailboat Base, where the sea breeze gently brushed the sea, and raindrops fell like pearls, but it couldn't stop our yearning for the sea. With excitement in our hearts, the SEAMARK family lined up in an orderly manner and boarded the sailing boats, "sailing through the wind and waves, flying clouds and crossing the sea", as if the "Seamark ZM" lighthouse was guiding SRAMARK people to move forward with determination.


Embody the spirit of challenging oneself, unity, hard work, and enjoy the thrill of galloping

After the sailing activity in the wind and waves, we went on a journey with nature and became the helmsman of our own life - "kayaking". Two people paddled the kayak and felt the passion of the sea, and "collided" with the waves to meet the enthusiasm of our teammates. It vividly demonstrated the spirit of SEAMARK team's hard work, unity, and cooperation, and further enhanced the cohesion of the team.


Youth is in its prime, do not waste good times

The evening sunlight shines on the sea, reflecting the sparkling waves. With a slightly cool autumn breeze, the open-air BBQ and bonfire party were in full swing. We cooperated with each other and were busy with joy and enthusiasm. The newly "emerging" barbecue masters were excitedly showing off their skills, while the guys next to them were drinking beer and cola, toasting and enjoying themselves. The greasy smell of barbecue gradually disappeared in the laughter and joy.


The night sky is calm and beautiful, the bright moon shyly reveals its face in the sky. We danced around the bright bonfire, circling and singing. At this moment, dazzling fireworks bloomed in the night sky, like scattered stars, forever remembering this joyful moment.

Burning with passion, creating brilliance together

After a night of rest, let's experience the feeling of extreme off-road. Every brake and every throttle of the off-road vehicle creates a roaring wave, constantly stirring the youthful passion in our hearts, and challenging ourselves.


In the archery competition, after exerting force and opening our arms, we released the arrow towards the distant target. The agile figure and the flying arrow formed a beautiful arc in an instant, capturing this exciting and unforgettable moment.


This scenery brings to mind an old song, which depicts a strong sense of righteousness, as if seeing the vast desert, with the wind blowing and grass low, cattle and sheep in sight.

Close contact with the sea, experiencing the magnificent beauty of our motherland

Amidst the loud cheers of our teammates, we set foot on the first privately owned island in China with legal ownership, the Delta Island, which stands in the sea with its unique characteristics of "clear water, strange stones, and fine sand". It enjoys the reputation of "China's Maldives". Against the backdrop of the blue sky and white clouds, every photo taken is a stunning shot.



In the distance, the sea and sky meet seamlessly, with the pale blue sea water blending into the azure sky. Close by, the beach connects with sailboats, and joyful tourists and skilled captains beam with happiness. On Triangle Delta Island, we frolic along the shore, basking in the brilliant sunlight for a beach sunbath, or swimming in the shallow waters, playfully interacting with our colleagues, exuding our youthful vigor and spirited demeanor.

The sun is warm and time well spent as we move forward, with a promising future ahead.

A promising tomorrow for SEAMARK begins anew on our journey! This team-building experience has further strengthened the unity and collective pride of SEAMARK's people.

In the future, SEAMARK's team will continue to forge ahead, never forgetting our original aspirations, and steadfastly marching forward!

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