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X-ray Technology is of Great Significance to the Development of the Auto Parts Industry

With the progress of society and the rapid development of the automobile industry, people have higher and higher requirements for the long-term operation of automobiles. Many materials used in automobiles are mainly based on metal materials such as cast steel, cast aluminum, etc. The quality of these castings directly affects the safety and service life of the car.

In order to ensure the safety of automobiles, many auto parts manufacturers must detect the quality of each workpiece. Such as automobile engine, automobile piston, piston ring, connecting rod, braking system, steering wheel, automobile wheel, shock absorber connecting rod and other workpieces, to ensure that there are no cracks and other defects in these workpieces. Because once a substandard product appears, it will directly affect the safety of the car. Therefore, manufacturers must do quality testing. Among all kinds of detection methods, the x-ray machine for electronics has excellent performance.

1. The x-ray inspection system can automatically detect dimensions, analyze and display defects

Not only these, the traditional x-ray detector 3D industrial CT is used in the industry for inspection and three-dimensional measurement of metal and plastic castings. High-resolution X-ray detectors can not only be used in these industries, but also open up new applications in sensing technology, electronics, materials science, and other natural sciences.

2. Components in x-ray inspection system instruments

X-ray machine for electronics is widely used in BGA inspection, LED, SMT, semiconductor, battery, automotive electronics, ceramic products, casting, plastics, connectors, foreign object detection and other industries. So what is the usual makeup of an x-ray device? Generally speaking, x-ray inspection equipment has the following components:

(1) X-ray tube: the core component in the x-ray detector. Primarily x-rays are produced, known by the principle of x-rays, which can penetrate inside the workpiece detector. All x-ray equipments use foreign high-quality x-ray tubes, which can be selected with confidence.

(2) Image receiver: The image receiver can capture the x-rays passing through the sample and convert it into a visual image, for example, defects such as BGA solder joints, flaws, and cracks in castings can be clearly seen. The x-ray inspection system has a very clear image effect.

(3) Mechanical structure: The structure is the main part of the x-ray inspection equipment. This part determines the measuring stroke and ease of use of the device. The x-ray inspection equipment is completely designed by the user's best experience, and the operation is very convenient.

(4) Software and computer control system: Software control is the soul of x-ray inspection equipment. X-ray equipment, the software is easy to learn and fast to operate.

Auto parts are an important foundation to support our auto industry, and the development of x-ray imaging technology is of great significance in the development of the country's auto parts industry.

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