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How to Maintain the X-ray Inspection System?

The maintenance and repair functions of mechanical equipment are separated, maintenance refers to maintaining the normal performance of machinery, repair refers to the restoration of machine performance. However, during the daily use of equipment, the repair is paid more attention   than maintenance, or even "repair instead of maintenance." However, it has been proved that the abnormal wear and 75% of the failure are due to improper operation and maintenance, so daily maintenance of equipment needs to cause sufficient attention. For x-ray inspection systems, briefly describe their daily maintenance and common problems.

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1. X-ray inspection equipment daily inspection items

(1) Check whether the X-ray machine rear door safety induction switch is working properly

Method: Close the front door and rear doors to check if the contact indicator of the relay is lit. The safety induction switch is active if the light on relay KA2 (front door) and KA3 (rear door) is on. If not on, the safety induction switch is not valid.

(2) Check the motion of the X-ray machine's four axes and whether the rotating shafts are working properly

Method: After turning on the total power supply, turn on the software, and then shake the rocker above the console to check if the movement of the X-axis and Y-axis are correct. Click the up and down button of the X-ray tube and image detector on the BGA X-ray Machine software interface to check if the two axes are moving properly.

(3) Check whether the sensors of each motion axis of the X-ray machine are working properly

Methods: Control the movement of each axis to the corresponding limit sensor position, when the sensor light is on, whether the movement stops. Check that the computer is starting properly.

2. X-ray inspection equipment monthly inspection items

(1) X-ray machine motion mechanism check

Check if the movement of each axis is normal, according to the daily check item;

Check if the motion of each motion axis is smooth. Check the screw nuts of the moving parts and the screws above the work platform for loosening;

Check if the X-axis and Y-axis wire rods are smooth and, if rust is already in place, grease each wire rod and move repeatedly to lubricate it.

(2) Check the X-ray machine emergency stop switch, manually press the emergency stop button to sure if the machine stops running

3. X-ray inspection equipment semi-annual inspection project

(1) X-ray machine power detection

Solution: After opening the small door, check that the 24VDC power supply is correct, check that the 5VDC power supply is correct.

(2) Equipment rail lubricant, equipment appearance clean

Method: Turn off the equipment and disconnect the power. Open the rear door, grease the screws, and move repeatedly to lubricate them while cleaning the inner wall. Open the side door and clean it with a dust-free cloth.

4. X-ray inspection equipment annual maintenance project

a.  Check the outside and inside of the machine for signs of damage;

b.  Check the window glass for scratches;

c.  Check the rotation of the light tube, detector and platform motion axis;

d.  Check all fans and clean the filter cotton.

The purpose of equipment management lies in the inherent law of machinery and equipment, but also in accordance with the objective economic law, through maintenance and other ways to maintain a high degree of x-ray inspection system performance indicators, improve its productivity and utilization rate, extend the service life and seek the most economical equipment life cycle costs, the pursuit of accident-free, high efficiency, and ultimately win the enterprise benefits and equipment benefits. If you are interested in an industrial x ray machine for sale, click here for industrial x ray machine prices.

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