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Application of X-ray Checker in Semiconductor Sealing Test Field

X ray is a well-developed non-destructive testing method, which is widely used in material inspection (IQC), failure analysis (FA), quality control (QC), quality assurance and reliability (QA/REL), research and development (R-D) and other fields. X ray inspection equipment can be used to detect defects such as layering and cracking of electronic components, LEDs, metal substrates (cracks, layering, voids, etc.), to determine the shape and size of defects and the location of defects by detecting image contrast to determine whether defects exist inside the material.

1. The chip industry's high accuracy requirements on the x ray inspection machine

Semiconductor package refers to the semiconductor, resistance, capacitor and other components required to form a circuit with certain functions and the connection wire between them are all integrated on a small piece of silicon, and then welded package in a tube shell, the package shell has round shell, flat or double-column inline and other forms.

There is a well-known Moor's Law in the chip field, which roughly states that when prices remain the same, the number of components that can be accommodated on an integrated circuit will be doubled every 18-24 months and performance will be increased by 40%. Over the years, the evolution of the chip manufacturing process level has been verifying this law, and the speed of continuous advancement has been driving the rapid development of information technology. The development of semiconductor sealing is also closely related to the development of the whole semiconductor industry.

Chip production before the market will carry out a series of precise, complex verification process, x ray inspection machine is mainly to detect whether all the welding joints on the semiconductor chip are effective, because the chip volume is designed smaller and smaller, the x ray detection equipment need have high magnification and resolution,and detection accuracy requirements are very high, in order to never miss important welding spot defects.

2. The applications of X ray inspection machine in the field of semiconductor sealing

During semiconductor packaging testing, the faster the sample is validated, the more likely it is to ensure that its products are quickly available. After fully verifying the quality of products and the rate of the good products, the large-scale production outsource to large-scale packaging plants.Seamless docking large-scale production, can not let the chip company worry about the packaging link, thereby accelerating the development of chip design companies.

X ray inspection machine technology in the field of semiconductor sealing has been 100% on-line testing, has become a necessary means to verify product quality. Under the iterative update of the new technology of semiconductor chip, x ray inspection technology is also developing in the direction of high precision and intelligence, which meets the new trend and new requirements of semiconductor sealing.

The business model of the seamless docking mass production and providing elastic production capacity between chip design companies and semiconductor sealing plants has promoted the growth of a new model in the field of sealing. X ray inspection equipment technology, as a part of the semiconductor sealing industry chain, is also accelerating technological upgrades to meet the inspection needs of semiconductor chips.

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