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Application of X-ray Check in Semiconductor Sealing Test Field

X-ray technology, a sophisticated non-destructive testing method, is extensively employed in material inspection (IQC), failure analysis (FA), quality control (QC), quality assurance and reliability (QA/REL), research and development (R-D), and other domains. X-ray inspection apparatus can identify defects such as stratification and fractures in electronic components, LEDs, metal substrates (cracks, stratification, voids, etc.), determining the form and dimensions of defects and the defect location by detecting image contrast to ascertain the existence of defects within the material.

The semiconductor industry’s stringent precision requirements for the X-ray inspection machine

Semiconductor packaging integrates the semiconductor, resistor, capacitor, and other components necessary to form a circuit with specific functions, along with the interconnecting wire between them, onto a small silicon piece. This is then encased in a tube shell, which can take the form of a round shell, flat, or dual-column inline.

The chip field boasts the renowned Moor’s Law, which posits that, with prices remaining constant, the number of components that an integrated circuit can accommodate will double every 18-24 months, with performance improving by 40%. Over the years, the evolution of the chip manufacturing process level has been validating this law, with the relentless pace of progress propelling the rapid advancement of information technology. The development of semiconductor sealing is also intimately tied to the growth of the entire semiconductor industry.

Before chips are released to the market, they undergo a series of precise, complex verification processes. The X-ray inspection machine primarily checks whether all the solder joints on the semiconductor chip are effective. As chip volumes are designed to be increasingly smaller, the X-ray detection equipment must possess high magnification and resolution, with very high detection accuracy requirements, to ensure that no crucial solder spot defects are overlooked.

The applications of X-ray inspection machines in the field of semiconductor sealing

During semiconductor packaging testing, the quicker the sample is validated, the greater the likelihood of ensuring that its products are rapidly available. After fully verifying product quality and the rate of good products, large-scale production is outsourced to major packaging plants. Seamless integration with large-scale production eliminates concerns for chip companies about the packaging link, thereby accelerating the development of chip design companies.

X-ray inspection machine technology in the field of semiconductor sealing has achieved 100% online testing and has become an essential means of verifying product quality. Under the iterative update of new semiconductor chip technology, X-ray inspection technology is also evolving towards high precision and intelligence, meeting the new trends and requirements of semiconductor sealing.

The business model of seamless integration with mass production and providing flexible production capacity between chip design companies and semiconductor sealing plants has fostered the growth of a new model in the field of sealing. X-ray inspection equipment technology, as a part of the semiconductor sealing industry chain, is also accelerating technological upgrades to meet the inspection needs of semiconductor chips.

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