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Can X-ray Detection Equipment be Applied to Capacitor Detection?

Application of electronics X-ray machine in industrial field

Industrial X-ray inspection equipment is a non-destructive testing device. Non-destructive testing, simply put, is a general term for all technical means that use the characteristics of sound, light, magnetism, and electricity to detect whether there are defects or non-uniformity in the target without damaging or affecting its performance, and provide information such as size, location, characteristics, and quantity, so as to judge the technical state of the target (such as whether it is qualified, remaining life, etc.).

In the industrial field, electronics X-ray machines can be used for inspection of metal castings (including automotive parts, industrial machinery parts, railway hub, etc.), sensitive parts (such as weapons, aerospace parts, etc.), pressure vessels (such as high-pressure boilers, gas cylinders, gas tanks, etc.), pipe welding and other scenarios.

Electronics X-ray machine can be used for capacitor detection

A capacitor is a component that can store charge and is also an essential and key component in electronic products. It is widely used in circuits, coupling, shunting, filtering, tuning circuits, heat transfer, control, etc.

With the stable development of information technology and electronic products, the demand for capacitors has shown an overall upward trend. With the large-scale installation and use of capacitors, defects in capacitors have also appeared. In the production process of capacitor companies, due to subjective factors such as environment and instrument quality, more and more hidden defects such as penetration, expansion, fracture, insurance fracture, etc. exist inside capacitors. In this situation, using an electronics X-ray inspection equipment to detect internal defects of capacitors without destroying the structure of capacitor products can meet the requirements of high-quality inspection of capacitors.

The electronics X-ray machine uses the X-ray scattering imaging principle. The X-ray is emitted through the capacitor, and the internal defects of the capacitor are imaged in real-time according to the imaging effect of the X-ray in different positions. Based on the image, the defects in the capacitor are manually judged to achieve the detection purpose and ensure the quality and safety of the capacitor.

The application of electronics x-ray inspection machines is also very extensive, and can be used in the battery industry, circuit board industry, semiconductor packaging, automotive industry, circuit board assembly industry, etc. It can be used for IGBT semiconductor detection, BGA chip detection, LED light bar detection, PCB bare board detection, lithium battery detection, and aluminum casting non-destructive testing. It is used to observe and measure the position and shape of internal objects after packaging, and observe the internal conditions to confirm whether the product is qualified, truly achieve non-destructive testing, and the detection rate is as high as 99.9%.

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