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X-Ray SMD Component Counting Equipment

Microfocus X-ray inspection is widely used in LED/automobile/aerospace/EMS etc field and become a necessity for modern PCBA inspection.

The X-ray reel counter machines produced by Seamark have the characteristics of high performance, cost-effectiveness, long lifespan, user-friendly software, simple maintenance, high definition inspection image with special tilt which make our machines can meet different category products inspection needs.

Besides standard X-ray component counter, we also provide customized solutions to meet your special inspection requirements.

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Offline Component Counting Equipment

Offline Component Counting Equipment

Seamark's 2D X-ray inspection machine adopts a closed microfocus X-ray tube with voltage 90KV, 110KV,130KV, which meet different product inspection technical requirements.
Online Reel Counter

Online Reel Counter

X-Ray counting machine, also known as SMD components counter. The equipment adopts the principle of photoelectric sensing and uses the corresponding relationship between the guide hole of the carrier and the components to accurately determine the number of SMD parts.
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