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Automatic Reballing Machine: The New Star in the Field of Electronic Product Repair

Smart phones, tablet computers and other electronic products have long been integrated into all aspects of our lives, however, once these sophisticated electronic equipment failure, the repair work is particularly complex and tricky. At this time, the automatic reballing machine has become a new star in the field of electronic product repair by virtue of its excellent performance and efficient operation, accurate, widely applicable and cost-effective features.

Efficient repair, efficiency leap

Among the many aspects of electronic product repair, the ball planting step is particularly critical. The traditional manual implantation method is time-consuming, labour-intensive and error-prone. The automatic reballing machine through the precision mechanical arm and advanced control system, to achieve the automation and precision of the implant ball process. This not only greatly improves the repair efficiency, but also ensures the continuity and stability of the repair work.

Quality assurance and precision

The automatic reballing machine adopts cutting-edge detection technology and control system in the ball implanting process. It can accurately control the angle and strength of the implant to ensure the accuracy of the implant position. Compared to manual implantation, the automatic reballing machine performs much better in reducing damage and errors during the implantation process. This not only improves the repair success rate, but also extends the service life of electronic products.


The application field of automatic reballing machine is very wide. It is not only applicable to the repair of common electronic products such as smart phones and tablet PCs, but also plays a key role in the repair process of wearable devices such as smart watches and smart glasses. This wide applicability makes the automatic ball planting machine has great potential in the field of electronic product repair.

Lower costs, higher benefits

The introduction of the automatic reballing machine not only improves the repair efficiency and quality, but also brings about a reduction in cost. Since automatic reballing machine can work continuously and reduce manual intervention, it can significantly reduce labour costs. At the same time, the additional costs associated with repair failures are also reduced due to the improved quality of the implant and the success rate of the repair. This makes the automatic ball implanter very cost-effective in the field of electronic product repair.

The automatic reballing machine has stable temperature control, a large HD touch screen, HD optical alignment and intelligent control as well as removable infrared temperature zone and other advantages. As one of the most reputable and professional BGA Rework Station suppliers, Zhuomao promises to produce the best products with good quality.

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