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PCBA Repairing

As the market has higher and higher functional requirements for products, PCBA and BGA sizes have also shown a trend towards larger and smaller. 

This has led the manual repairing by hot air guns is difficult, at the same time the success rate is lower. So a suitable rework station machine is essential for the repair of larger and tiny chips. The hot air output of the BGA rework station is uniform, and the heating temperature can be accurately controlled. The temperature difference of the air is controlled within 1 degree. Multi-segment curve heating is used to realize the partial reflow soldering of the PCB rework station to achieve the purpose of repair.

Seamark ZM's BGA rework stations are equipped with a high-definition alignment system, even tiny chips such as 0.6*0.6mm can accurately be aligned. At the same time, our full automatic visual BGA rework station is suitable for large-size PCBA and IC, such as 5G communication board repair.

Seamark ZM team will provide more and more machines for our clients, not only for general electronic products, but also the advancement products for different kinds of fields.

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