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Several Advantages of Using BGA Rework Station to Repair BGA

What is a rework station? The BGA rework station is a kind of multi-functional rework for rework of various types of electronic components on the motherboard of electronic products, such as BGA/POP/LED/QGN/CSP/QFN/LED/Micro SMD/mobile phone shields/special-shaped devices equipment.

1. The fields involved in the BGA rework station

The BGA rework station is used for computers, mobile communication equipment, cameras, video recorders and other security equipment, central servers, routers and switches and other network access equipment, TV, set-top box audio and other audio and video equipment; entertainment equipment; GPS navigation and other automotive electronics; projectors, printers and other office equipment; air conditioners, power supply equipment; aerospace equipment; precision medical equipment; semiconductor production; LED display; scientific research and teaching; SMT foundry, etc.

2. Several advantages of using BGA rework station to repair BGA

This may be unfamiliar to outsiders, but when it comes to chips, everyone will know that BGA is used in the core devices controlled by our computers, mobile phones and various intelligent mechanical devices. And this BGA is still very expensive. If it is broken, it will cost too much to throw it away. The cost of manpower maintenance is high and the quality cannot be guaranteed. The BGA rework station is a product born to meet such needs.

Simple operation and equipped with embedded engineering computer, PLC control, temperature curve, real-time display, temperature measurement curve analysis and historical preservation curve, storage of massive temperature parameters and heating alignment parameters, even a novice can learn within ten minutes, It's easy to operate and has staff on call ready to help you with any problem.

Using the BGA rework station is not easy to damage the BGA chip and the PCB board. BGA has a temperature requirement for desoldering. We all know that the PCB board will deform because the heat generated when the BGA is desoldered is absorbed by materials with different specific heats and different expansion coefficients. Post stress performance. By using a large IR bottom preheating, the entire PCB can be kept at a constant temperature to prevent deformation and ensure the welding effect. The heating plate can also independently control the heating. The current BGA rework station can rework special and difficult rework components.

Explore our range of automatic BGA rework stations and find the perfect solution for your rework requirements. With Seamark ZM, you can enhance your rework process with precision and efficiency. Discover the benefits of our reliable and cost-effective BGA rework station and get BGA rework station price today. Shop now and elevate your rework capabilities with Seamark ZM.

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