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Online Reel Counter

X-Ray counting machine, also known as SMD components counter. The equipment adopts the principle of photoelectric sensing and uses the corresponding relationship between the guide hole of the carrier and the components to accurately determine the number of SMD parts. 

X-RAY SMD component counter is mainly used to count the number of electronic materials, especially when I/O warehouses and quarterly warehouse inventory, and such X-Ray counter can play a very important role, such as inventory work of electronic components like IC chips, diode capacitors, etc. delivered by suppliers.

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XC2000 Inline Component Counting Equipment
XC2000 Inline Component Counting Equipment
XC2000 is an inline automatic counting machine. It uses the X-Ray perspective principle and the independently developed algorithm software with AI function, which can quickly and accurately calculate the number of materials in the reel, it can also upload MES data and automatically print the material labels.
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How does an Online Reel Counter work?

The X-RAY counting machine is based on X-rays, flat-panel imager, and the recognition method of image processing software. It counts the number of graphics representing the original, and then quickly counts reel materials, which is an important machine to realize SMT processing automation.

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