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What are the Features and Options of X-ray Inspection Machines?

With the advent of the artificial intelligence era and the further rise of downstream industries such as 5G consumer electronics and automotive electronics, China will continue to be the world's largest and most actively traded product market. In this context, X-ray inspection equipment has become a key point for manufacturers to enhance the competitiveness of their products and promote business growth. The use of machines instead of the human eye for measurement and judgment has increasingly become a trend for manufacturers. With the development of X-ray inspection technology, the processing capacity of X-ray equipment is increasing.

The combination of intelligent recognition and X-ray inspection machine has resulted in increasingly high-quality inspection images. Through the automatic analysis of the inspection image, the defects of the measured image can be directly determined. Therefore, X-ray equipment in the entire manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly important because of its excellent effect in determining the merits and quality of the object being inspected. From the perspective of the actual application of the equipment, in addition to the inspection accuracy being influenced by the system platform, the R&D capability of the X-ray inspection system integration solution provider is receiving more and more attention. Manufacturing and inspection are inseparable. Whether a product is defective or not, it needs quality equipment for inspection. So for the application, what are the features of X-ray inspection equipment?

1. Multiple X-ray inspection machine function composite

With the rapid development of imaging technology, a new generation of X-ray inspection machines can no longer only achieve simple imaging functions. Now, they have a variety of combined functions, such as fluoroscopy, analysis and automatic operation. The new generation of X-ray machines can achieve after-the-fact observation, eliminating blind photographic defects in the static state through fluorescence inspection, and quickly locating defective parts for accurate diagnosis. The new generation of X-ray machines have visual radiography functions and a large imaging format when performing radiographic inspection, and a format can continuously view different parts of the product defects.

2. Cost performance of X-ray inspection machine

With the booming of small and medium-sized X-ray machine companies, the purchase of X-ray inspection equipment must be considered every penny of the budget. When the price of imported X-ray machine equipment remains high, it is a good idea to buy a home-use X-ray machine to ensure product quality while also meeting the cost-effectiveness of the product.

Zhuomao is one of the top professional x-ray inspection systems manufacturers in China that can provide quality X-ray Inspection Equipment at a reasonable price and good after-sale services.

3. Quality service of X-ray inspection machine manufacturers

When purchasing a quality X-ray machine, in addition to the "hardware" of the equipment itself, attention should be paid to whether the X-ray inspection machine manufacturer provides high-quality after-sales service. Only a quality X-ray machine manufacturer can provide a quality guarantee during the period of use, respond quickly in case of emergency to ensure the quality of the product. Our customers can be at ease and avoid leaving the machine unattended for two or three years after the machine has been sold. Of course, a manufacturer that can provide quality after-sales service must be a manufacturer of X-ray inspection machines with independent research and development capabilities.

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