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Wide Application of X-ray Inspection Equipment in Various Fields

X-RAY inspection is a process where an X-ray tube accelerates electrons from a hot cathode through an electric field towards an anode. When these electrons become high-speed particles under high voltage, they collide with the anode and release X-rays. The size of the collision area is the size of the X-ray source, and using the principle of pinhole imaging, we can roughly determine that the size of the X-ray source is inversely proportional to its clarity. The smaller the X-ray source, the clearer the imaging. X-rays can penetrate through different density materials, and each energy level presents a different color of grayscale image.

Extensive use of X-RAY inspection equipment

Nowadays, the X-RAY inspection equipment can be used in a variety of projects such as electronic components, BGA, electronic components, LED components, metal materials, and plastic materials. It can accurately and quickly determine improper welding such as virtual welding or no-welding, and can also provide detailed analysis of sealed components and microelectronic systems.

In addition to medical and security applications, X-RAY inspection equipment is also widely used in industry, especially in the production of smart devices and digital terminals. For example, it can be used to perform X-ray inspections on capacitors and circuits in mobile phones, fuses, ports, switches, and other parts in televisions. It can show internal malfunctions through black and white images and easily detect positions that are difficult for traditional optical inspection.

The role of X-RAY inspection equipment in lithium batteries

With the widespread use of digital products such as mobile phones and laptops, lithium-ion batteries with excellent performance have been widely used in these products, and have gradually developed into other application areas such as electric vehicles, consumer electronics, household appliances, and military aviation. As the application becomes more popular and expands, we frequently hear about lithium battery self-ignition and explosion incidents in various industries.

For example, the explosion of a lithium-ion battery in a mobile phone can cause injuries to people. Explosions in electric vehicles can be even more dangerous and can endanger the lives of others. There are many reasons for the explosion of lithium batteries. In addition to proper storage and transportation, environmental temperature and humidity, one cause is the internal defects of the batteries due to manufacturing processes or other issues. Ordinary methods cannot detect the internal structure of the completed battery. At this time, the role of X-ray inspection equipment is extremely important. By detecting whether the positive and negative poles are misplaced and ensuring their insulation status, X-ray inspection equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the product when it goes on the market.

X-RAY inspection equipment uses an X-ray generator to emit X-rays, which penetrate the battery's interior. The imaging system receives the X-rays and takes photographs, and the relevant software processes and automatically measures and determines the image, identifying whether it is a good or a bad product. It then selects the bad product, and uses the penetrability of X-rays to perform online automatic inspection of the battery's internal structure, checking product yield and ensuring product quality.

As an important means of inspection, X-Ray inspection equipment has played a significant role in improving product quality. At the same time, the application field of X-RAY inspection equipment is expanding, with vast market prospects.

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