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X-ray Inspection Machine Benefits the Casting Industry

Because there are many process in the castings production , so the continuity is very important. Each process is complex and changeable, any link problems will cause casting defects, seriously affecting the quality of castings. In order to ensure the castings quality meets acceptance standards, most enterprises need to pay strict attention to the castings quality , some castings internal defects can not be detected by conventional methods, so x ray inspection equipment can be used to accurately detect the quality of castings.

1. According to the casting quality inspection results by x-ray inspection machine, castings are usually divided into three categories

Qualified products, maintenance products and scrapped products. Qualified products refer to the appearance and internal quality of castings comply with the relevant standards or technical requirements for delivery and acceptance. Repair products refers to the appearance and internal quality of castings do not fully meet the standards and acceptance conditions, but allow repair. After repair, they can meet the standards and the castings can be delivered. X ray inspection machine castings required by acceptance technical conditions; scrapped products are not of substandard appearance and internal quality and do not allow repair or do not meet the technical requirements for standard and delivery acceptance.

2. X-ray inspection machine's role in the casting industry

Waste is divided into internal waste and external waste. Internal waste refers to scrap found in foundries or found by foundries, and external scrap refers to scrap found after the delivery of castings, which causes greater economic losses than internal scrap. To reduce external waste, mass-produced castings should be tested before they leave the factory and as many potential defects as possible are identified in the factory in order to take the necessary remedial measures as soon as possible. X-ray inspection equipment makes it easy to detect casting products. Real-time imaging of detection makes many defects at a glance. X ray inspection equipment can be connected to the manufacturer's production line for casting inspection.

Strict attention to casting quality, not only to provide quality production services but also a favourable guarantee of industrial safety products. Strengthening the x-ray inspection machine's casting quality inspection, to ensure the quality of casting production, is the key to ensuring the sustainable development of the national foundry industry.

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