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X-ray Chip Counter Effectively Improves the Work Efficiency of Enterprises

With the rapid development of electronic assembly and intelligent manufacturing, the import and export of electronic components has become more and more frequent, and the stored information has become more and more complex. The amount of information data is getting bigger, and inventory work is getting harder.

1. The manual information of the traditional dispensing machine is prone to errors, and the x-ray chip counter has high precision

Manual + traditional model: Manual entry often creates replication errors and typing errors, creating a lot of ineffective labor and duplication, resulting in inaccurate information entry, so the company takes on additional stock.

X-ray chip counter technology: Using X-ray imaging technology to detect production materials and obtain image information, and quickly calculate image algorithms, the actual material quantity can be obtained, and the material quantity can be classified and used according to the category, the equipment data information is linked to the customer system, and real-time interactive data is greatly reduced, and the probability of inventory errors is greatly reduced to ensure accurate data.

2. Manual use of traditional motor disk points cycle is long, and there are high-efficiency electronic components in the x-ray reel counter

Manual + traditional mode: file filling, collecting information input, it takes a day or more. This allows the production scheduler to set the user's delivery date only based on weekly or even weekly inventory information.

The workload of an x-ray  component counter in personnel inventory is several days, it can be done in the same hour. Anti-mistake mechanism for material labels, material disks should be recognized with full induction, and with the real-time docking of the printer, any plate can be used to immediately print material information.

3. Manual inventory data transmission delay, upload and synchronize data using x-ray chip counter bitmap computer

Manual + traditional mode: Using manual calculation method requires according to the packaging list of the product, when calculating various products, intermediate and semi-finished products will be very troublesome, it is difficult to account for accurate and timely, and check the inventory to complete the inventory statement.

The X-ray chip counter equipment belongs to the intelligent cloud control. Every device is stored every day, and pictures are automatically stored to a cloud database. Engineers will optimize these pictures in the background and will optimize various materials. The disk data is updated to a monthly database to improve the accuracy of the material disk. Over a longer period of time, the accuracy of the material disc will increase to 100%. There is no need to spend 3-5 days to enter the factory data, users can use it directly, the accumulation point database shares all machines, the more data, the more reliable and accurate.

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