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Advantages of Online X Ray Inspection Equipment in Inspecting Circuit Board Processing

Soldering is one of the important links in the manufacture of electronic products. In the process of scientific research and development, design trial production, and technological innovation, one or two circuit boards are produced. It is impossible and unnecessary to use automatic equipment. Manual soldering is often required, as long as there is manual work. There may be false soldering. Virtual soldering is mainly caused by oxides and dirt on the surface of the metal to be soldered. It makes the solder joints a connection state with contact resistance, which causes the circuit to work abnormally, and the unstable phenomenon of good and bad connection occurs, and the noise increases but not Regularity brings major hidden dangers to the debugging, use and maintenance of the circuit.

In addition, there are also some virtual solder joints that are still in good contact during a long period of time when the circuit starts to work, so it is not easy to find. However, under the influence of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and vibration, the contact surface is gradually oxidized, and the contact gradually becomes incomplete. The contact resistance of the virtual solder joints will cause local heating, and the local temperature increase will further deteriorate the incompletely contacted solder joints, and eventually even cause the solder joints to fall off, and the circuit cannot work properly at all.

Ⅰ. The role of online X ray inspection equipment in inspecting circuit board processing

Nearly half of the failures of electronic products are caused by poor soldering. However, it is not easy to find the false solder joints that caused the failure in an electronic device with thousands of solder joints. Therefore, false soldering is a major hidden danger of circuit reliability and must be strictly avoided. Particular attention should be paid when performing manual welding operations.

Usually, companies will use the online X-ray inspection method, that is, the X ray inspection equipment is connected to the production line, and the defects of the solder joints are inspected while efficient production. The circuit board is irradiated and imaged under X-rays, and it is easy to find false soldering and false soldering voids. It is more suitable for online inspection of various types of boards: track-type online inspection; seven-axis linkage system, supporting CNC programming and automatic high-speed running; Rework database management, supporting re-judgment and generating data reports; formula data management, supporting MES/ERP system customization Access.

Ⅱ. The importance of online X ray inspection equipment in the production field

The X ray inspection equipment with automated 3D X ray system has powerful functions. There are many online X-ray devices on the market, but the only device that can achieve high-speed micro-focusing and inspection without omissions is the LX2000. The online X-ray has brought new changes to the manufacturing industry and has become the best solution for improving the technical level and improving the quality of production. In the future, online X-ray will play an increasingly important role in the production field!

Online X-ray inspection system equipment is a better choice for online inspection of various virtual soldering on PCB boards. Not only can the voltage and current be set through the software, but also the inspection of various defects can be realized. SEAMARK adopts online inspection equipment, which not only helps customers shorten inspection time and improve production efficiency, but also saves manufacturing costs. At the same time, the online X-ray inspection system equipment has a radiation exemption certificate, which is reliable and guaranteed in terms of radiation safety.

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