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XL6500 Online Automated X-Ray Inspection Machine

XL6500 Inline X-Ray Inspection Machine

XL6500 is an SMT inline micro-focus X-ray inspection machine for electronic components. This automated X-Ray inspection machine can be directly connected to the SMT production line, or it can be used offline with the loading and unloading conveyors. Fully automatic judgment and inspection are carried out for the characteristic area of the PCB or the designated device.

Advantages of XL6500 Inline X-ray Inspection Machine

  • Automatic sub-line inspection of LED chip packaging.

  • Fully automatic online inspection of IGBT chips.

  • 130KV 5um closed X-ray tube, long life, maintenance-free.

  • Use 2.3 million pixel high-resolution digital flat-panel detector.

  • Fully automatic online inspection of IC/BGA semi-conductor devices, SMT and PTU packages, sensors and other fields.

  • Fully automatic online inspection of large-size PCB boards and PCBA solder joints.

  • Simple operation of template setting guaranteed safe operation.

    Color image navigation.

    Support image stitching function (optional).

    Upgradable 3D module (industrial CT) (optional).

As a professional x-ray inspection machine manufacturer in China, Seamark ZM is famous for its rich technical force, complete detection means, reliable quality, good service. If you want to know the exact x-ray inspection machine price and to get a perfect kind of repair machine for your factory, please contact Seamark ZM first.

Specification of ZM XL6500 Online X-Ray Inspection Machine

X-Ray Tube Source Specification
TypeSealed Micro-Focus X-Ray Tube
Voltage90 KV (130KV optional)
Operating Voltage Range40-90KV/130KV
Operating Current Range10-200 μA/300μA
Max Output Power8 W/39W
Micro Focus Spot Size5-15μm

Flat Panel Detector Specification
TypeTFT Industrial Dynamic FPD
Pixel Matrix1536×1536
Field of View130mm×130mm
A/D Conversion Bit16bits

Input Power220V  10A/110V  15A  50-60HZ
Max Sample Size510mm×650mm
Control SystemIndustrial PC WIN7/ WIN10 64bits
Net WeightApprox 2350KG

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