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battery inspection procedure

XB7300-Digital Battery Inspection

The XB7100 delivers a fully automated inline inspection process for multi-layer winding power batteries. It meticulously scrutinizes crucial components in winding power and energy storage batteries, such as the alignment of positive and negative electrode plates, large surface folds, and tab-pulling pins, guaranteeing all-encompassing quality control.

Features of XB7300-Digital Battery Inspection

  • Top-Tier X-ray Technology

    XB7300 utilizes the renowned Hamamatsu X-ray tube, a global leader in precision X-ray technology. This ensures accurate and detailed inspections for winding batteries, guaranteeing high-quality performance.

  • Innovative Algorithm Integration

    Featuring Seamark's proprietary algorithm software, XB7300 incorporates cutting-edge algorithms. These algorithms enhance the machine's ability to analyze intricate details within batteries, leading to precise and reliable quality assessments.

  • Expert Assistance

    Seamark offers unparalleled customer support with a specialized team of professionals. Their proficient Research and Development (R&D) experts and after-sales service team provide swift and effective solutions. This dedication ensures seamless operation and dependability for businesses relying on the XB7300 Digital Battery Inspection machine.

Specifications of XB7300-Digital Battery Inspection

Equipment Size8500mm*3200mm*2800mm
Beat≥30PPM and above (2 corners or 4 corners)
Excellence Rate≥99.5%
Equipment Failure Rate (DT)≤2%
Overkill Rate≤1%
Underkill Rate≤0%
Voltage Test Accuracy±(0.0035﹪rdg.+0.0005﹪fs)
Internal Resistance Test Accuracy±(0.5﹪rdg.+0.10mΩ) Radiation safety standard: ≤1μSV/hr
Repeated Testing Accuracy≤40um (standard piece measurement)
Test ContentIV, OCV, thickness, size, angle position, Overhang (positive and negative polarity difference)
X-ray TubeVoltage: 40-90KV/40-130KV
Current10 - 200 uA / 10 - 300 uA
ReceiverFlat panel detector
Thickness MeasurementMeasurement accuracy ± 0.02 mm
Taking Time≥ 0.7S
Incoming Material MethodTray tray stacking, loading and unloading
Model Change TimeThe model change time of old varieties is ≤2 hours/person; the model change time of new varieties is ≤4 hours/person.
Compatible RangeMini: Length: 40~160mm; Width: 35~120mm; Thickness: 5~15mm
Normal: Length: 40~160mm; Width: 35~120mm; Thickness: 5~15mm (or customize all models on the market)

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