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XB8100-Cylindrical Battery Inspection

The XB8100 is specifically designed for cylindrical batteries with diameters ranging from φ14mm to φ46mm, catering to a wide range of inspection needs. It employs advanced area array sampling technology or TDI line scanning sampling technology, ensuring efficient and accurate inspections for multi-layer high-efficiency batteries of different diameters. The inspection parameters include aspects like angle overhang, resistance value, conductivity, among others, ensuring a comprehensive quality evaluation.

Features of XB8100-Cylindrical Battery Inspection

  • Premium X-ray Technology

    The XB8100 employs the globally acclaimed Hamamatsu X-ray tube, renowned for its precision. This ensures detailed inspections of winding batteries, guaranteeing top-quality performance.

  • Advanced Algorithm Integration

    Seamark's in-house algorithm software enhances XB8100's capabilities. These sophisticated algorithms enable the machine to detect intricate battery details accurately, leading to precise quality assessments.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

    Seamark provides unmatched customer assistance. Their skilled Research and Development (R&D) specialists and after-sales service team offer swift and effective solutions, ensuring smooth operation for businesses relying on the XB8100.

Specifications of XB8100-Cylindrical Battery Inspection

X-ray Tube Parameters
Ray Tube TypeReflective sealed micro-focus ray source
Tube Voltage Range110KV / 130KV
Tube Current Range455μA/300μA
Maximum Output Power50W/39W
Micro Focus Size5-15μm
Receiver Parameters
TypeFlat panel detector/line array detector TDI
Field of View130mm*130mm/ 205mm*6mm
Resolution/pixel Size5.8Lp/mm 100μm
Ad Conversion Digits16bits
Efficiency Parameters
Detection Efficiency≥90ppm/ ≥200ppm
Overkill Rate≤1.5%
Underkill Rate0.00%
Product Excellence Rate≥99.5%
Other Parameters
International Radiation Safety Standards≤1usv/hr
Control SystemIndustrial computer Win10 (64-bit)
Equipment Size






Power Supply

3-phase 380V/50HZ about 3000W

3-phase 380V/50HZ about 4500W

Detection Range



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