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How to Optimize Production Processes with X-ray Reel Counter?

In recent years, with the development of the electronic manufacturing industry, China has gradually become a major player in the global electronics manufacturing field. Under this new situation, although the technology in the electronic manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, the overall pressure of labor costs is putting pressure on the traditional manufacturing model.

Composition of the X-Ray reel counter

The X-Ray reel counter is composed of control system, transmission mechanism, detection mechanism, and reel counter. The control system mainly consists of a computer, software, radiation source controller, converter, and sensor. The software is responsible for controlling the operation of the machine, the radiation source controller is responsible for controlling the output of radiation, the converter is responsible for converting the control signal into mechanical instructions, and the sensor is responsible for detecting the position of electronic components.

The transmission mechanism mainly consists of positioning motors, bearings, couplings, etc. It is mainly used to transmit the detected signals to the reel counter or to the control system.

The detection mechanism mainly consists of radiation detectors, detection circuits, and power supplies. The radiation detectors are used to detect the position of electronic components, the detection circuits are used to convert the detected signal into a circuit signal, and the power supply is responsible for supplying power.

The reel counter is mainly composed of a positioner, a clamp, a point placer, etc. The positioner is used to convert the detected signal into mechanical instructions, the clamp is used to grab electronic components, and the reel counter is used to place electronic components accurately on the chip surface.

The X-Ray component counter has been widely used in the electronic industry. It can efficiently and accurately locate electronic components, improve work efficiency, shorten product cycles, greatly reduce production costs, and bring important help to the development of the electronic industry.

Advantages of the X-Ray reel counter

High speed

The reel counter has fast speed and has multiple models, such as fully automatic and semi-automatic, which can quickly complete the feeding and labeling operation.

Strong adaptability

There is no need to set the spacing, reducing the time for setting the plate, and solving the problem of easy error in plate spacing setting.

Easy to operate

There is no need to disassemble the plate, and the empty plate is not counted. There will be no problems such as material falling off or damaged materials.

High efficiency

The operation intensity is high, and it can run for a long time, solving problems such as many operators and operators easily getting tired.

The advantage of the "smart" X-Ray reel counter

In addition to its powerful mechanical qualities, a smart brain is also the excellence of the X-RAY component counter. The X-Ray reel counter uses artificial intelligence to recognize components, and learns from its learning outcomes to apply them to algorithms. At the same time, artificial intelligence consolidates image data and points to materials based on deep learning results and expert opinions. With a centralized database, users can share all point-locating algorithms, achieve technology exchange, and develop together.

The traditional point locating method has the limitation of long cycle time and poor accuracy. Compared with the traditional method, the new smart X-Ray reel counter does not require professional operation, and can significantly improve the shortage, loss, leakage, and shortage of material storage, saving a lot of manpower and improving production efficiency, reducing material inventory costs. The advantage of artificial intelligence also makes X-RAY reel counters further promote the development of the electronic manufacturing industry towards automation, intelligence, and efficiency.

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