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Can X-Ray Inspection Equipment Be Used in Lithium Battery Production?

With the rapid development of technology, the automation level of the lithium battery industry continues to improve. The application of X-RAY automatic optical inspection equipment in lithium battery production is representative and gradually becoming the mainstream trend.

In recent years, X-RAY online monitoring equipment has become increasingly common in high-end lithium battery production. With the continuous improvement of the automation level of the lithium battery industry and the rise in labor costs, it can be said that the development prospects of X-RAY detection equipment will be promising in the next few years.

X-ray inspection equipment can detect internal defects of fourth-generation power lithium batteries

Such as impurities, distortion of positive and negative poles, short circuits of positive and negative poles, fractures of positive and negative poles, etc. After long-term charging and discharging use and intense collisions, these adverse situations can easily cause short circuits of batteries, and even lead to explosions in new energy vehicles.

X-ray inspection equipment observes the inside of lithium batteries and separators

By using X-ray automatic optical inspection equipment to detect power lithium batteries, the inside and separators can be observed, and internal deformations and metal impurities can be detected clearly. By expanding the positive electrode sheet, the gap between the electrode sheets can be observed. In battery production, the requirements for size and quality control are becoming more and more complex. They cannot be measured by traditional measurement techniques, and cannot be measured after the battery is cut or destroyed. In this case, a micro-focus X-ray detection device is needed to measure the internal defects and structure of the battery, and to evaluate and optimize the production process of the product.

When the lithium battery is wound, in order to prevent the lithium ions of the positive electrode from diffusing and accepting embedment in the lattice at the corresponding position of the negative electrode, the negative electrode must fully wrap the positive electrode and determine the size allowance. At the same time, in order to avoid short circuits, the separator must wrap the negative electrode. Therefore, the length direction of the wound cell must ensure that there is an allowance of the negative electrode, and the separator wraps the negative electrode. The relative position of the electrode sheets is very important, and the specific parameters include the length of the separator m, the relative size j and k of the negative electrode, etc. In addition, the relative position L between the positive and negative electrodes. These sizes are influenced by electrode plate coating specifications, winding technology, etc.

After many years of development, Zhuo Mao has accumulated rich successful cases in non-destructive testing. For most lithium battery companies, choosing lithium battery X-RAY automatic optical inspection equipment has the advantages of avoiding product safety risks, reducing material waste, reducing labor costs, improving product quality, and improving overall product competitiveness.

SEAMARK's X-ray inspection equipment has the advantages of high performance, high clarity, and high resolution. Both offline and online X-rays are available, and a sealed X-ray tube is used, which is maintenance-free, long-life, and affordable.

We hope the above content is helpful to everyone. X-ray automatic optical inspection equipment is still very effective in detecting various lithium batteries. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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