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Application of X Ray Chip Counter in SMT Patch Processing

The X-ray chip counter can penetrate different objects. It can use it to perform x-ray imaging and detect the internal conditions of other objects, but its application is more than that. With the development of science and technology, electronic products are changing with each passing day, with a wide range of types and fast updating. The size of internal parts is getting smaller and smaller, and the number is increasing. This makes SMT manufacturers unable to count the number of parts accurately, affecting warehouse management and warehouse access control.

Ⅰ. The application of X-ray chip counter in SMT patch processing

The X-ray chip counter is very effective for SMT parts technology. The photoelectric sensor senses that the tray enters the spotting machine. The x-ray source is activated, and the flat-panel imager cooperates to detect the image of the whole material. The image is displayed on the external computer in real-time. On the screen, through the previous software settings, the images' materials are automatically identified so that the number of graphics representing the components is counted, and the number of materials in the entire plate is obtained.

In order to meet the needs of automated factories, the feeding machine can be added to the production line, automatic feeding, automatic counting, and automatic receiving, and it is adapted to different tray systems without switching programs, fast detection speed, high detection accuracy. The x light transmission detection will not cause damage or loss to the original, the software automatically calculates, and the accuracy rate is greater than 99.8%. And with the safe lead shielding protection, you do not have to worry about radiation leakage. The x-ray chip counter improves warehouse management's accuracy and work efficiency for SMT manufacturers, saves labor costs, and is a powerful tool for SMT patch processing.

Ⅱ. Advantages of X-ray chip counter

X-ray reel counter is more convenient and more efficient than manual spotting. Compared with other spotting methods on the market, the inherent advantages of SMT spotting machines make them incomparable. Since the successful launch of the SMT dispenser on the market, it has quickly won the welcome and recognition of more and more users. It has brought practical and effective help to the efficiency of modern enterprises. The X-ray reel counter independently developed and produced by our company can meet the management technology of electronic component production, shipment, storage, etc., and provides an effective solution for realizing the intellectual output.

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