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How to Use the BGA Rework Station?

Chips are now widely used in almost every aspect of life, such as the Northbridge and Southbridge on computer motherboards, and LCD TV motherboards. BGA has a small package size, enhanced functionality, an increased number of pins, high durability, strong electrical performance, cheap overall cost, and other qualities.

With its four-sided pins, the BGA is comparable to the QFP, and both are soldered to the board using SMT solder. The difference is that on the bottom of the board, the single-row pins, such as gull-winged pins, flat pins, or retracted J-shaped pins, are changed into a comprehensive array or partial array, adopting a two-degree space for the distribution of solder balls and pins, as a tool for interconnecting the chip package to the board's solder. The BGA rework station is a machine that reheats and re-solders BGAs soldered incorrectly. Laptop computers, mobile phones, XBOX consoles, and desktop motherboards are all repaired using BGA rework stations. Desoldering, mounting, and soldering are the three main steps in the BGA rework station.

Ⅰ. BGA rework station for desoldering

1). For the BGA chip to be repaired, the operator needs to select the nozzle to be used first. Then, the operator fixes the PCB motherboard on the best BGA rework station, locates the laser red spot at the centre of the BGA chip, shakes down the mounting head, and finally determines the mounting height.

2). The operator can set the welding temperature and store it so that it can be directly called during the repair. When used, the operator should first switch to the disassembly mode, click the rework key, and the heating head will automatically heat the BGA chip. When the temperature curve disappears, the suction nozzle automatically pulls up the BGA chip and then rises to the initial position. The operator can connect the BGA chip to the material box. So far, the welding is completed.

Ⅱ. BGA rework station for mounting

1). After the tin removal on the pad is completed, the operator uses the new BGA chip or the BGA chip after planting the ball. After that, the operator fixed the PCB board and then placed the BGA rework station in the position of the pad.

2). The operator should switch the rework station to the mounting mode, the mounting head will automatically move downward, and the suction nozzle will suction the BGA chip to the initial position.

Ⅲ. BGA rework station for welding

1). The operator first opens the optical alignment lens and adjusts the micrometre. Then the X axis and Y axis are used to adjust the front and rear of the PCB board, and the R angle is used to adjust the angle of the BGA. Tin balls (blue) on BGA and solder joints (yellow) on pads can be displayed in different colours. After adjusting to the solder ball and solder joints completely overlapping, the operator clicks the "Completion" key.

2). After that, the mounting head will automatically drop, and the operator will put the BGA on the pad, and then heat it. When the temperature line disappears, the heating head rises to the initial position, and the welding is completed.

Some people think that a packaging chip is a craft, needs a high technical level to guarantee the success rate of chip repair. However, now we have a high-precision, accurate, simple operation of the BGA rework station can also make an outsider easy to operate the chip package. Click here for a high-quality bga rework station and get bga rework station price!

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