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What are SMD Rework Station and SMD Reel Counter Machine?

What does SMD, CSP, BGA repair mean in electronic maintenance?

SMD: surface mount device/surface-mounted electronic components

In the manufacturing process of surface-mounted electronic components, there are always some adverse phenomena due to various reasons, such as empty welding, short circuit and reaction. Therefore, it needs to be repaired. Two different products include the repair of SMD components, such as patch resistor, patch capacitor and QFN.

CSP: chip-scale packaging device

BGA: Ball grid array packaging device (BGA packaging classification: PBGA plastic packaging, CBGA ceramic packaging, TBGA ribbon packaging). Seamark ZM can provide you with the professional SMD BGA rework station, please contact us soon.

What is the SIR value?

SIR: surface insulation resistance (high insulation resistance is required between conductors with similar insulation resistance on the surface of insulating substrate to give full play to circuit function. It is widely used to evaluate the impact of pollutants on the reliability of assembly parts).

Working principle of SMD rework station

The principle of a common hot air repair system is: very fine hot air flow is collected on the pins and pads of surface assembled devices to melt the solder joint or reflow the solder paste to complete the disassembly or welding function. At the same time, use a vacuum mechanical device equipped with a spring and rubber nozzle to gently suck up the device when all solder joints melt. The hot airflow of the hot air repair system is realized by replaceable hot air nozzles of different specifications and sizes. Because the hot air flow comes out from around the heating head, it will not damage the substrate or surrounding components. It can be easily disassembled or welded. The differences of repair systems from different manufacturers mainly lie in different heating sources or different hot airflow modes. Some nozzles make the hot airflow around and at the bottom of the device, while others only spray the hot air above the device. From the perspective of protecting the device, it is better to choose the airflow around and at the bottom of the device. In order to prevent warpage, it is also necessary to select the repair system with the function of preheating the bottom. Since the solder joint is invisible at the bottom of the components, the repair system is required to be equipped with a spectroscopic vision system or bottom reflection optical system during re-welding to ensure accurate alignment during installation.

Working principle of SMD X-ray counting machine

The number of SMD parts can be accurately measured by using the corresponding relationship between the part belt guide hole and the parts, which can realize convenient and fast counting. The X-ray counting machine is a piece of efficient auxiliary equipment for material management in the SMT factory, especially for material receiving and issuing in outward processing.

Automatically calculate the number of parts to facilitate counting, issuing and inventory counting. Low operating noise. Anti falling design of the material belt. Both positive and negative directions can be counted, and the number can be preset. With a liquid crystal display, it is easy to read and operate. Humanized operation platform design. High accuracy and small counting error.

Seamark ZM is one of the most professional x-ray inspection systems manufacturers in China, who can also provide you with the good quality China inline x-ray machine, and BGA repair machines, and other inspection systems and machines.

Features of SMD reel counter machine

(1) The fully automatic part counter has the functions of convenient operation, accuracy and speed, which greatly improves the work efficiency and quality on the basis of replacing manual counting.

(2) With positive and reverse belt return functions, the speed is adjustable. Low counting error. High quality.

(3) It can fully control the number of SMD parts in the factory, avoid overstock, small volume, is lightweight and is easy to carry.

(4) Specially designed for SMT tape parts, any size can be used.

(5) The shape design conforms to ergonomics.

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