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Application of X-ray Inspection Machine in GIS Equipment Inspection

Under the new economic situation, electric power engineering plays a pivotal role in national life and production. On this basis, in the development of power engineering, it is crucial to check the faults of electrical equipment in the grid. There are many fault detection methods for electrical equipment in the grid. However, from the perspective of the inspection process, these devices have obvious defects in the fault inspection of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage electrical equipment, and cannot accurately detect the location and type of internal defects of electrical equipment. This problem has brought great trouble to the application of electric power engineering. In the new era, GIS equipment detection with the help of x-ray inspection system technology has become an important content of research and development in the field of power engineering.

1. Structural composition of X-ray inspection machine equipment

X-ray inspection equipment is an important tool for internal fault inspection of GIS equipment. It not only includes the standardized use of X-ray machines, but also requires imaging boards and computer workstations as support. In the inspection practice, by using these three parts in combination, the X-ray inspection equipment has a perspective function, which can effectively find the internal faults of the GIS equipment and have a strong control over the operation status of the equipment.

When fault inspection is performed on GIS equipment based on X-ray detection technology, the structural layout of its hardware equipment is: first install an industrial X-ray machine on the side of the GIS equipment, and then install an imaging board on the corresponding equipment. Make sure that the emission port of the X-ray machine CCD is opposite to the imaging board, which can effectively ensure that the X-ray passes through the device to be tested, and the internal inspection results will be displayed on the imaging board. After the X-ray inspection equipment is installed, it is necessary to set the parameters of the X-ray inspection equipment according to the adaptability of the tested equipment. Usually, voltage, tube current and exposure time are all important contents of X-ray inspection equipment parameter adjustment control. Finally, press the start button of the X-ray inspection equipment to check the equipment. At this time, with the support of the imaging board, the X-ray photons will be converted into digital current, and then transmitted to the computer workstation through the transmission equipment. Under the processing of a special computer program, these digital currents are converted into perspective views again. Through the analysis of the perspective view, it is possible to find out whether there is a fault in the GIS equipment, and provide guidance for safe use.

2. The influence of X-ray inspection machine on GIS equipment

There are many metallic solid materials in GIS equipment. When performing X-ray penetration inspection, the staff can draw a small incision on the surface of the insulating groove, then use X-ray inspection equipment, and finally compare and observe with the help of an electron microscope. Observing before and after radiographic images can reveal solid defects that occur when using GIS equipment. It should be noted that in the solid material detection of GIS equipment, in order to ensure the accuracy of the detection results, in the parameter adjustment of X-ray inspection equipment, attention should be paid to the effective control of voltage, tube current and exposure time; usually, it is necessary to ensure that the X-ray inspection machine is kept at the highest energy level. In addition, although X-ray visual inspection equipment is not sensitive to the size of components, it is necessary to ensure that all devices are within the range of the X-ray machine for effective detection of firmware failures.

Seamark X-ray visual inspection technology is an effective means of GIS equipment fault inspection. It can only effectively find fault types in GIS equipment and provide guidance for future maintenance control. In practice, only when the staff fully realizes the necessity of GIS equipment fault inspection, and accurately grasps the principle of X-ray inspection system technology, and at the same time standardizes the structural layout and inspection of X-ray inspection equipment is effective. Discover the internal faults of GIS equipment to ensure the scientific and rationality of equipment maintenance. The practice of power engineering shows that the standardized application of X-ray detection technology can effectively improve the quality of GIS equipment and promote the orderly development of power engineering. Click here for the x-ray inspection machine price!

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