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How to Choose BGA Rework Station?

With the wide application of BGA chips, including computer motherboards, mobile phones, webcams, memory strips, TV motherboards, communication products and other fields, the demand for BGA rework stations is also increasing. Although now the price of the BGA rework station has been reduced to the level that individual maintenance friends can easily accept, but BGA rework station is after all a basic equipment input, bought to be useful and practical. 

Seamark ZM who provides the rework machine can tell you how to choose a good BGA workstation. Here's a look at the selection points. Select a good BGA rework station should be mainly from the following perspectives.

1. What is the basic requirement of your BGA rework station?

1.1 The size of the circuit board you often repair

The size of the circuit board you often repair determines the size of the BGA rework station workbench you buy, and generally speaking, the size of the regular notebook and computer motherboard is all less than 420x400mm. This is a basic indicator when selecting.

1.2 You should know the size of the chip often welded

You should know the maximum and minimum size of the chip, the general supplier will be equipped with 4 nozzles, then the size of the largest and smallest chip determines the size of the nozzle.

1.3 The power level

The main power wire of the general individual repair shop is 2.5 ㎡, and the power of the BGA workstation is best not greater than 4500W, otherwise, the introduction of the power wire is a problem.

2. Select the BGA rework station with the following functions:

2.1 3 temperature zones

3 temperature zones are including the upper heating head, the under the heating head, infrared preheating area. Three temperature zones are standard configuration, the current market appears two temperature zone products, including only the upper heating head and infrared preheating area, and the welding success rate is very low, it is important to pay attention to this when buying.

2.2 The underheating head can be moved up and down

The underheating head can be moved up and down, which is one of the necessary functions of the BGA rework station. Because when welding a larger circuit board, the nozzle of under the heating head, after structural design, is to play a role as auxiliary support. If it can't move up and down, it can't play the role of auxiliary support, and the welding success rate is greatly reduced.

2.3 Having the function of the intelligent curve setting

The temperature curve setting is one of the most important aspects when applying the BGA rework station. If the temperature curve of the BGA rework station is not set correctly, the welding success rate will be very low and even more, it will not be welded or disassembled.

2.4 Having the function of additional welding

If the temperature curve setting is not accurate, applying this function can greatly improve the welding success rate. The welding temperature can be adjusted during heating.

2.5 Having the cooling function

Generally using a cross-flow fan cools down the temperature.

2.6 Built-in vacuum pump

The built-in vacuum pump is for easy suction of the BGA chip when the BGA chip is disassembled.

3. Whether the rework station has excellent performance

3.1 The temperature control accuracy of the rework station

The welding temperature accuracy requirement of general reflow welding is ±1 degree Centigrade. If the temperature control accuracy is greater than ±1 degrees Centigrade, it is recommended that you do not buy. Because of the low-temperature control accuracy, it cannot reach the exact temperature setting by your temperature curve. Especially when welding BGA with small spacing, bridging is extremely easy. Some companies' products, because the temperature control accuracy control technology is not up to standard, can not achieve this accuracy.

3.2 Displaying the actual temperature curve on the screen

When the actual temperature curve is displayed on the screen, some manufacturers' products display only the set curve and not the actual temperature curve. This is problematic if he dare not show the actual temperature curve to the customer, proving that his temperature control accuracy is very low.

4. The reliability, testability and ease of use of the BGA rework station

4.1 The equipment shall have safety protection functions. Such as thermocouples, fans, heating device failure, can not occur safety accidents.

4.2 The parts of the equipment of the rework station must be well selected and the standard wiring must be well done.

4.3 The equipment has a self-test function to facilitate the user's fault location.

4.4 The interface is set up reasonably, easy to operate and easy to find the function buttons.

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