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Types of Seamark ZM Electronic Assembly Machines

Zhuomao Technology has been focusing on intelligent soldering and intelligent inspection equipment for 16 years and specializes in providing advanced intelligent BGA Rework Station, X-Ray Inspection Machine, X-­Ray Counter Machine, 3D X-Ray Inspection Machine, Automatic Tin Removal Equipment, Automatic Reballing Machine, Laser Soldering Equipment, non-standard automation equipment and other overall solutions for electronic manufacturing, 3C products, industrial precision castings, semiconductors, and other industries.
Microfocus X-Ray Inspection Machine
Microfocus X-Ray Inspection Machine
Seamark Microfoucs 2.5D 3D, offline, and inline X-ray inspection systems are widely used in LED, EMS, battery, IC, connectors, sensors.
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X-Ray SMD Reel Counter
X-Ray SMD Reel Counter
​X-ray component counter is an SMT material counting system powered by X-ray, the efficiency is around 6 times compares to traditional. Work together with our smart storage system, Seamark makes your inventory management more efficient.
X-Ray SMD Reel Counter For Sale >

Advantages of Seamark ZM Electronic Assembly Machines

All machines are designed easy to operate and maintain, save maintenance time and cost.

Quality priority, strict inspection process to make sure each machine arrives at good condition.

A strong after-sales service team which is made of 20 engineers, can provide quick and professional installation, maintenance and technical support, etc.

Solutions of Electronic Assembly Machines

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