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JV-2000 Hexavalent Chromium Tester - visible Spectrophotometer (UV)

JV-2000 is one of the UV visible spectrophotometer series products independently designed and elaborately developed by our company. A high-tech joint-stock company mainly engaged in independent research, development, production, and sales of spectrophotometer analytical instruments. At present, there are R&D centers in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai, with more than 80 R&D personnel, and many independent R&D patents in the field of UV analysis.

1、 UV visible spectrophotometer introduction

The main products sold are energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, high-energy polarization dispersion spectrometer, RoHS detector, hexavalent chromium tester, alloy analyzer, coating analyzer, precious metal analyzer, etc. The instrument is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, jewelry, toys, food, building materials, metallurgy, geology, mining, plastics, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine and many other industries to provide more complete overall industrial solutions. It has a broad market foundation and good reputation in the industry.

Our company has a professional pre-sales and after-sales service team to provide high-quality online or door-to-door services for customers at home and abroad to ensure that customers have no worries about using. At the same time, it also provides professional instrument customization business, customizing instruments with special functions according to the special needs of customers.

After more than ten years of unremitting persistence and efforts, the quality of our products has been recognized by many quality inspection departments at home and abroad, and has become an indispensable instrument for their nondestructive testing. Today, Junhuiteng UV spectrophotometer sells well at home and abroad, with an annual sales volume of more than 1000 sets. There are professional product agents in some countries and regions in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the Americas. The excellent quality and good operating experience make Junhuiteng UV spectrophotometer widely praised by customers at home and abroad.

2、 UV visible spectrophotometer Industrial applications

Visible spectrophotometer, abbreviated as UV, is a chemical valence analysis method. In recent years, UV has played a great role as a rapid detection method in electronics, electrical appliances, leather, leather goods, toys, food, building materials, metallurgy, mining, plastics, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine and other industries. UV has special technical advantages such as fast, accurate and low analysis cost.

In the field of environmental protection and food, UV can quickly screen out whether the harmful substances in the sample exceed the standard through direct testing.

JV-2000 has excellent test performance in the metal electroplating solution industry and leather industry. It can test the hexavalent chromium content in electroplating and the hexavalent chromium content of colorants in plastic and leather industries. The stability and accuracy of the test are excellent in the industry.

JV-2000 is widely used for testing electroplated coatings, including hexavalent chromium in electroplating

In addition, UV is widely used in field analysis and process control analysis, such as chemical biology, pharmacy, chemical industry, hospital, environmental protection, sewage treatment, etc.

3、UV vis spectrophotometer Overview

3.1.1. Advanced hexavalent chromium testing instrument with stable operation and beautiful appearance;

3.1.2. Digital membrane key input is adopted, with friendly interface and simple operation;

3.1.3. Multiple standard curves and test data can be stored, maintained in case of power failure, and exported to PC;

3.1.4. Thickened base plate and optical support, imported key components, durable;

3.1.5. High precision, low stray light and low noise;

3.1.6 The independent module design of core accessories avoids mutual electromagnetic interference, improves the detection limit of the instrument and reduces the failure rate of the instrument;

3.2 Functions

3.2.1 Photometric mode: transmittance, absorbance and energy;

3.2.2 Quantitative mode: coefficient method, standard sample method (standard curve);

3.2.3 System application: dark current correction, wavelength correction, etc;

3.2.4 Add wavelength scanning, time scanning, hexavalent chromium test, etc;

3.2.5 Data processing, export, report printing, etc.

4、UV vis spectrophotometer Instrument technical indicators

1.Wavelength range


2. Spectral bandwidth


3. Wavelength accuracy


4. Wavelength repeatability


5. Photometric accuracy

±0.002A (0~0.5A), ±0.004A (0.5~1A), ±0.3%T (0~100%T)

6. Photometric repeatability

≤0.001A (0~0.5A), ≤0.002A (0.5~1A), ≤0.15%T (0~100%T)

7. Wavelength setting

Automatic wavelength setting, wavelength resolution 0.1nm

8. Noise

± 0.1% T (0% T line); ± 0.3% T (100% T line); ± 0.001A (at 500nm)

9. Stray light

≤0.05%T (220/360nm)

10. Baseline drift (stability)

≤0.001A/h (500nm,0A)

11. Photometric display range

0~200%T, -0.3~3A, 0~9999C, 0~9999F

12. Baseline straightness


13. Scanning speed

High, medium and low speed adjustable

14. Detector

Imported silicon photodiode

15. Light source

Imported long-life tungsten lamp and deuterium lamp (no optical debugging)

16. Keyboard

Digital touch film button

17. Printout

Optional micro printer

18. Display system

128 * 64 bit LCD

19. Data communication interface


20. Power supply

AC 90-250V,50/60Hz

21. Dimensions


22. Weight

16 kg

5、UV visible spectrophotometer accessories

5.1Accessories required

Glass cuvette

a set

Colorimetric dish rack

a set

Operation software CD (special software for hexavalent chromium test)

a set

Special glassware (standard configuration)

a batch

Heating plate


5.2 Optional accessories

Electronic balance


Computer, printer

a set

6、Technical support and after-sales service

1. Complete machine warranty for 12 months; Provide lifelong technical service support (excluding foreign countries).

2. During the warranty period, if the instrument is damaged due to non human factors, it shall be repaired free of charge; Standard response time: 4 hours, door-to-door service time: 24-72 hours (excluding foreign countries);

3. The software is upgraded for free for life.According to the user's needs and the specific characteristics of controlled materials, combined with the technical characteristics of UV analysis, the instrument analysis method is incorporated into the user's quality management system, providing the user with the best detection scheme, and assisting in the establishment of material acceptance standards; It also provides risk analysis methods for special materials.

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