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The Function and Penetration of X Ray Counter

The booming electronics manufacturing industry will face severe survival challenges while having broad development prospects. The counting process of SMT patch processing has always been a pain point in production. A large number of electronic material trays want to be fast and accurate. If manual operation is a very complicated process, it not only takes time and effort, but also increases labor costs. To control labor costs without affecting production capacity, the best way is to apply intelligent X-ray dispensers and X-RAY inspection equipment in production.

Ⅰ. The functions of X ray counter machine

1. The automatic X ray counter machine has the functions of convenient operation, accurate and fast operation, and greatly improves the work efficiency and work quality on the basis of replacing manual counting.

2. There are forward and reverse belt rewinding functions, and the speed can be adjusted. The maximum speed is 9 levels, with zero counting error.

3. There is also a FREE.SET function, which can preset a certain number, detect leaks, and facilitate the operations of counting, distributing and picking materials.

4. It can fully control the number of SMD parts in the factory, avoid inventory backlog, small size, light weight, and easy to carry.

5. It is specially designed for SMT material belt parts, any size can be used.

Ⅱ. The penetrating effect of the X ray counter machine

The penetrating effect of the X-ray dispenser refers to the ability of X-rays not to be absorbed when passing through a substance. X-rays can penetrate substances that are generally impenetrable to visible light. Visible light has a long wavelength, and all the energy of the photon is very small. When it hits an object, part of it is reflected, most of it is absorbed by the material, and cannot pass through the object. This is not the case with X-rays, because of its short wavelength and high energy. When it shines on a substance, only part of it is absorbed by the substance, and most of it penetrates through the interatomic gap, showing a strong penetrating ability.

The ability of X-rays to penetrate matter is related to the energy of X-ray photons. The shorter the wavelength of X-rays, the greater the energy of the photons and the stronger the penetrating power. The penetrating power of X-rays is also related to the density of the substance. The denser substance absorbs more X-rays but transmits less; the density of it is smaller and the machine can absorb less and transmit more. The nature of differential absorption can distinguish soft tissues such as bones, muscles, and fats with different densities. This is the physical basis of X-ray fluoroscopy and photography.

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