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What Are the Advantages of X-Ray Counter Machines Compared to Manual Counting?

Currently, the pick-and-place machine has been widely used in various manufacturing industries, and its application scope is becoming increasingly wide. The x-ray counter machine is an indispensable part of automated production lines and is also a very important auxiliary equipment. It can replace manual labor to automatic pick-and-place components, greatly improving efficiency, alleviating labor, improving product quality, and bringing more benefits to enterprises. Manual pick-and-place involves manually placing components into trays to complete the process.

With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, requirements have gradually increased. The pick-and-place machine is a machine produced under this background, mainly used for automated production lines, replacing traditional manual pick-and-place. So, what advantages does the x-ray counter machine have compared to manual pick-and-place?

Advantage in labor cost of the x-ray counter machine

In the pick-and-place process, one automatic x-ray counter machine can replace 6 to 8 workers, greatly reducing labor costs. In the case of the same task volume, manual pick-and-place requires more manpower and time. From the perspective of labor cost, the x-ray counter machine can save costs and improve efficiency for enterprises. The fixed cost investment of the equipment saves long-term labor costs. Therefore, for enterprises that need long-term development, using smarter x-ray counter machine is necessary.

Advantage in work efficiency of the x-ray counter machine

Manual pick-and-place takes at least several minutes, time-consuming, and with low accuracy. The automatic x-ray counter machine can simultaneously count 4 trays of components. The counting process of each 7-inch tray only takes a few seconds, and the number of components is automatically calculated, fast and accurate, with real-time data upload, which can not only ensure work efficiency but also ensure accuracy of the pick-and-place.

Overall effect of the x-ray counter machine

In the case of large workload, human errors and omissions are prone to occur in manual pick-and-place. Sometimes, in order to be quick, components are not placed in an orderly manner. Using the x-ray counter machine, the pick-and-place operation is simple and clear, more convenient, and the product picked is neat and orderly. Moreover, the x-ray counter machine automatically pick-and-place components with high precision and zero errors, and can work 24 hours without rest.

However, due to the lack of manual operation experience and manual deviation, production capacity and quality are unstable. Therefore, many companies are widely using x-ray counter machines to solve these problems. The x-ray counter machine has also received wide recognition and use.

X-ray counter machines have the characteristics of high performance, cost-effectiveness, and long life, with user-friendly software and simple maintenance. With special tilted high-definition inspection images, our machines can meet the inspection requirements of different product categories. In addition to standard x-ray counter machines, our SEAMARK also provides customized solutions to meet your special inspection requirements.

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