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XD160 X-Ray Casting Inspection Equipment

X5601 is a small precise microfocus X-Ray inspection equipment, suitable for R&D enterprises, laboratories, quality inspection rooms, etc. It is the first choice for electronics X-Ray machine of small parts. As a reputable and reliable industrial X-Ray machine manufacturer, our industrial X-Ray machine price is very reasonable and affordable for our customers.

Features of XD160 X-Ray Casting Inspection Equipment

  • The results can clearly detect sand holes, cracks and other defects inside the aluminum casting.

  • The operation is simple, and the detection standard setting of new products only takes 5~10 minutes.

  • Programmable, measurable, and picture-saving functions based on ergonomics.

  • The door of the Seamark product optics is equipped with an interlock function, and X-Ray cannot work without closing any door.

  • 360 ° rotation and movement of multi-functional loading platform.

  • Multi-purpose, customizable tooling operation.

  • C-type swing arm six-axis linkage detection method, no dead angle detection.

  • Real-time dynamic imaging is realized during the inspection process, and the display realizes monitoring and presentation.

  • Multi-modular observation point setting.

As a professional x-ray inspection machine manufacturer in China, Seamark ZM is famous for its rich technical force, complete detection means, reliable quality, good service. If you want to know the exact industrial x-ray machine price and to get a perfect kind of repair machine for your factory, please contact Seamark ZM first.

Specification of XD160 X-Ray Casting Inspection Machine

XD160 X-Ray Casting Inspection Machine
X-Ray Tube Source Specification
TypeReflective Sealed Micro-Focus X-Ray Source
Voltage160KV(200KV optional)
Operating Voltage Range60-160KV
Operating Current Range200-5000 μA
Max Output Power400W
Micro Focus Spot Size400μm

Flat Panel Detector Specification
TypeAmorphous silicon flat panel detector
Pixel Matrix2816×2816
Field of View433.7mm×433.7mm
A/D Conversion Bit16bits

Input Power220V  10A  50-60HZ
Max Sample Size540 mm×440mm
Net WeightApprox  3500KG
Max Tilt Angle±30 degree

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