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X-Ray Inspection Equipment Applied in 5G Communication Motherboard Inspection

In the manufacturing process of 5G communication motherboards, the process environment inevitably affects the production. Electronics X-ray machines can be used for non-destructive testing of 5G communication motherboards, such as inspecting defects like insufficient holes, excessive or insufficient solder, solder balls, solder separation, and solder bridging.

Choosing x-ray inspection equipment technology can easily determine the defects of solder balls

There are three basic methods for x-ray inspection equipment: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. Generally speaking, x-ray testing equipment can provide flexibility and economy, and x-ray inspection can be used at every stage of the manufacturing process, including component input, process monitoring, quality control, and fault analysis. The operator can determine the displayed defects by estimating and analyzing the x-ray images. The equipment provided for inspection is quite flexible and can accelerate execution time. There is no need for expensive training or equipment programming operation.

Semi-automatic x-ray inspection equipment equipped with mechanical observation and equipment position programmable console

The comprehensive analysis of chip components and welding points is based on preset grayscale parameters. The setting of the program can generally determine the initial setup of the PCB assembly board according to a determined quality or use CAD (computer-aided design) chip information and directional programs. Compared with semi-automatic operation equipment, semi-automatic x-ray inspection equipment has considerable reliability and can provide more checkable productivity.

Fully automatic x-ray inspection equipment is generally used in places with high yield and low complexity

The characteristic of x-ray inspection equipment is the use of conveyor technology designed according to linear speed. All inspection work is in an automated state, and operations are mainly based on image analysis.

With the increasing application of new PCB components, PCB testing requirements are becoming higher and higher. Choosing effective and reasonable testing equipment from the perspective of good performance and price comparison is an effective way to ensure product quality and reduce costs.

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