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X-ray Inspection Equipment is Widely Applied

When X-rays enter a substance, a sequence of exceedingly complex physical processes arising from the rays' interaction with the substrate causes a portion of the rays to be absorbed and dispersed, resulting in a commensurate fall in intensity. This phenomenon known as light attenuation. The lamination of the latent workpiece produced by the lane (film) obtained in the potential projection following the lack of photographic material is obtained by examining the workpiece, depending on the extent of the occurrence of the radiation energy and the nature of the X-ray defect and its internal lack of medium. The nature and negative nature of the lane within the workpiece are analyzed when the defect is obtained. The dynamics that have been lost can be released in the form of X-rays.

Ⅰ. X-ray inspection equipment's applications

Different densities correlate to different energies, so X-rays can penetrate materials of various densities. In the field of electronics manufacturing, X-ray inspection equipment is widely utilized since it can detect various internal faults such as BGAs, PCBs, IC chips, LEDs, capacitors, and inductors, particularly on PCBs.

X-ray inspection equipment is classified as 2D or 3D in practical engineering. The image sensor is produced on the X-rays when the X-rays penetrate the sample due to the various materials, particularly the various materials present in the solder balls (e.g. tin and lead), which absorb a considerable amount of X-rays. This means that the solder ball solder junction creates a black image, which the tester can use to further analyze the required substance for defect identification.

Ⅱ. The advantages of inspecting PCBs with X-ray inspection equipment

For starters, the product coverage is extensive, and it can detect anomalies or faults that are not visible to the naked eye, such as false soldering and leaks. Second, the inspection is swift, with the X-ray inspection machine detecting defective products quickly. One inspection is sufficient for layered or multilayer PCBs in order to discover faults on both sides.

Seamark has a wide variety of equipment applications and a complete range of equipment to fulfil market demand as one of the professional industrial x-ray machine manufacturers. We will continue to serve our clients and partners with new and measurable value-added services in order to realize our objective of being the world's most professional X-ray company and most respected brand.

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